How to improve Face ID in the iPhone, when you have the face mask?

How to improve Face ID in the iPhone, when you have the face mask?

Journalists site 9to5Mac has published instructions on how to teach the smartphone with Face ID to recognize the user in the mask. We translated this statement to you. Many people believe that the scanner Face ID which allows the Apple to recognize the owner’s face shape, useless when wearing protective masks. However, the models may learn to recognize you even with the closed half of the face. What do I need to do?

During a pandemic, most people found that wearing the mask makes the Face ID to use. Researchers from the laboratory of Tencent Xuanwu Lab found that you can teach Face ID to recognize that you are wearing a mask if you configured biometric system, putting on the mask:

1. Go to “Settings” > “Face ID and Password”.
2. Select “Set person ID” or “Configure alternative appearance”.
3. Fold the mask in half and bring-to-face and close one half, as shown in the screenshot.
4. If the iPhone complains that the face is not visible, then slowly slide the mask from the center, until your device asks you “slowly move your head”.
5. Scan the other half of the face with the folded mask, then you should see the message “Face ID is configured”.
6. Wear a mask, covering his entire face and try to unlock the iPhone.

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