How to protect Windows from being tracked

How to protect Windows from being tracked

In today’s digital world, there are quite a few questions that “rest” on the problem of tracking personal data, as well as a dark scheme of spying on user activities. In this article we will talk about how you can fully protect yourself from such problems in the Windows operating system, as well as consider the features of a useful tool Windows Spy Blocker.

Windows Spy Blocker is designed to block spying and tracing. The application is run using the Go programming language. This program captures and analyzes network traffic based on a set of specific tools. It is available for Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10.

It comes in a light executable file. It’s a good thing the executable can be downloaded (an option for anyone who hates typing boot commands at the command line). The current release is only 5.5 Mb. The utility captures and analyzes network traffic based on a set of tools implemented in it.
Basically, it is clear that the developer wrote this executable file specifically to block tracking programs that are detected based on the analysis of network traffic. It is not Russified, and this is not necessary as it doesn’t have a full interface and the program, in fact, is a set of certain rules.

The console appears right after permission to launch it. The first thing to do is to enable your Internet connection if it is not already enabled. If it happens that there is no internet connection, an error will appear. Commands are placed on the console, so it’s easy for you to understand what each one is doing.

The main part contains Telemetry and Dev blocks, which can be started by entering 1 and 2, respectively. These commands call for additional subcommands.

If you depict this information hierarchically, it will look like this:

The results obtained are changed in accordance with the entered command. So, to capture and analyze network traffic for telemetry, the developer used QEMU virtual machines on Proxmox VE platform. In this case, memory dumps are cleaned daily and current rules for adding or removing some hosts or firewall rules are compared. The developer indicates that he uses the following tools to capture traffic: Qemu -net dump, Sysmon, Wireshark, Proxifier. All events that occur are saved in the log folder.


The data folder contains blocking rules based on domains or IP addresses detected during the capture process: Telemetry blocking, OS updates, third party application blocking.

I advise you to create a special folder for Windows Spy Blocker, where you should initially save the program itself, and there will be saved all configurations, logs and folders that the utility will create in the process. The developer of the program recommends copying the hosts file created by the program and located in the Data folder and paste it into the hosts of your system.

The utility will be in demand by those users who want to monitor their network traffic, so you can now make full use of the great Windows Spy Blocker tool with a great motive to avoid tracking and acceleration. Its functionality is very easy to use, so you are unlikely to be disappointed in the way it works diligently. This is the information for you, friends!

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