How to put a dash on the keyboard: low (–) long (—)

Dash, EN dash, minus, hyphen

Any document, whether official or personal, should be decorated beautifully, to him it was a pleasure to work with. One of the important points in the design document is an input of characters dashes and hyphens. Visually it is very similar punctuation marks, but there are differences.

A hyphen is a symbol used to separate parts of words into syllables or parts of compound words. To make it clearer, here are a few examples. “Number”, “Mr.”, “45”, “Russian” and so on. All these words use a hyphen, which can be supplied just with the keyboard.

A dash is a mark that separates words within a sentence. The left and right of the dash must be spaces. It is customary to divide 2 kinds of dash: the average and long. In English a dash is a dash. It is customary to divide the “EN dash” and “EM dash”, respectively, mean, and long dash.




According to the rules of Russian typography in the number ranges should use dashes, but in practice sites often use just a dash. Perhaps this is why, most of the em dash seems too long and it is almost not used in ranges.

How to put such signs on the keyboard?

It’s very simple. For this you need a keyboard with NUM-layout.

So for a set of medium dash will have to hold the ALT key and type on the keyboard the NUM numbers 0150 order.

And to write a long dash you need to press the Alt key and hold to dial the symbols 0151.

How to do it in MacOS?

Use this method in any text field on Mac OS X. Virtually every version of OS X supports keyboard shortcuts that you can use in text editors or text fields.

Enter dash

Clamp option Option and click - on the numeric keypad. The screen displays a long dash.

Enter the long dash.

Hold down the keys option Option+ Shift and click - on the numeric keypad. The screen displays a long dash.

At the end

Now you can choose convenient for you method one. I hope that through our instruction you will be “all dressed up”, no matter what operating system you’re working on.


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