How to reinstall Windows from the cloud

At Microsoft, stated that such a function is introduced at the request of users who wished to use the high-speed Internet connection and just load Windows.

If your Computer is having problems with Windows 10 or do you want to obtain a new copy of Windows 10 without unnecessary old files and apps, you can reinstall Windows 10 to correct the problem and restore the computer to its original state.

Windows 10 May 2020 Update (version 2004) introduced a new feature “Load from cloud” which will allow you to download the latest Windows files from Microsoft servers and use them to reinstall Windows 10. If you use this feature, you will be running the same build and OS version, which was prior to this.



“Download from cloud” to reinstall Windows 10

New feature “Load from cloud” allows you to get rid of these shortcomings. Now instead of having to try to collect all the necessary files from the local storage, Windows will be able to download the actual Windows installation files from Microsoft servers. You will receive the latest versions of files, so no additional updates are required.

To use this feature in Windows 10, version 2004 (May 2020 Update), you need to go to Settings > Update and security > Recovery and in the section “To return the computer to its original state“click “Start”.

Then you need to specify whether you want to preserve your personal files or you can delete all, and then you can choose the option “Download from the cloud“to load the setup files from Microsoft servers or “Local reinstallation“to use the local system files.

“Download from cloud” will also be available in the recovery environment that runs when failing to start the system. Thus, you can use the function “to Return the computer to its original state” to load the new file from Microsoft and reinstalling Windows, even if the system is damaged and cannot boot.

Preparation phase

As soon as you click cloud download, the reset process will start to run in the background. It checks the following things to make sure that the download works as expected.

  1. Make sure that the device is not running on battery
  2. Checks whether the Windows recovery environment (Windows RE) and whether it
  3. Scans to find the list of additional features and languages installed
  4. Check the connection with Windows update, and specifies the size of the load.

When you’re finished with your options in the interface and press the Reset button, the download will start. After the download is complete, the process goes to offline mode, restarting the computer into Windows RE.

Troubleshooting fails, reinstalling Cloud

If your computer cannot boot into Windows, you can reset the computer using the boot parameter of clouds from the Windows recovery environment (Windows RE). If Windows can’t boot after two unsuccessful attempts in a row, the device should automatically boot into Windows RE.

If you have previously connected via WiFi, it will still work, but will depend on the drivers loaded by the PC manufacturer. We always recommend using the Ethernet port, if available.

Why is it important

Laptops without drives for DVD becomes larger, users rarely use the media and refuse to even from external drives. Local copies of the files on the PC from which you are creating the installation kit, you can accidentally damage. Data recovery will take time, if at all possible.

Storing a compressed backup in a hidden partition of Windows 10 is an additional flow space. Many users will prefer to hold gigabytes of something more important to them.

Also, be aware that to download Windows 10 from the cloud will have to download over 2.86 GB installation files, which requires reliable, high-speed connection. After downloading the necessary files will be installed the current build and version of Windows.


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