How to remotely secure data from a stolen or lost laptop on Windows 10?

How to remotely secure data from a stolen or lost laptop on Windows 10?

A huge number of people prefer laptops to stationary computers. Naturally, it is more convenient, more mobile, and, if you choose the right parameters, it is not so inferior in terms of speed and power. If you take our field of activity, there is practically nowhere without a laptop.

To avoid losing your data, you need to enable this feature in advance so that you can wipe your hard drive remotely, making your system virtually useless for everyone. You can track your devices, lock them, and remotely wipe data from your device using the Find My Device feature from Windows. Unfortunately, this built-in feature is not available for all Windows versions and only works with Widows 10 Pro.

The function “Find my device“Is the only currently available feature in Windows 10 that allows you to find a lost or stolen device, lock it, and delete data remotely. This function uses GPS coordinates your laptop to find the location of your device.

Protecting your lost or forgotten laptop from unauthorized access

If you have lost or stolen your laptop, and you do not want to be accessed, then use the following instructions, which will help you maintain anonymity and prevent an attacker from taking over your personal information:

1. Open the settings: Start > Parameters > Update and security > Device search.
2. Click “Edit“And enable the”Device search«.
3. Now go to Microsoft site.
4. Log in with the same account.
5. Select your laptop.
6. Enable the “Find my device«.
7. Click the “Start»And select: Parameters > Update and security > Device encryption.
8. Turn on “Device encryption«.

If device encryption is missing, try using the standard BitLocker encryption.

Find your Windows device

  1. Go to the page… When prompted to sign in, use the same Microsoft account that was used to sign in on the missing device.
  2. Select a device from the list and then select the option Find my device.
  3. A map appears showing its location. However, this may be an outdated location on your device. When a device with Microsoft software is turned on, it periodically sends location information so that an indication Last seen in may be outdated.
  4. At the same time, an automatic new search will start. Wait a while and the new location of the device should appear soon.

How to lock your device

If you find your device on the map and decide to prevent others from using it or opening your files, you can remotely lock the device.

  1. After finding the device on the map, select BlockFurther.
  2. Enter your lock screen message for people who find your device.
  3. Select an option Block.

Thereafter Windows 10 will disconnect all active users and go into blocking mode. When the device is back in your hands, you just need to unlock it with your password, as usual.


If you are seriously concerned about the security of the data stored on your laptop, consider purchasing a laptop with an encryption disk controller and preinstalled software for remote encryption key destruction. Only in this way is complete and guaranteed safe destruction of information possible. The methods described in this article will only complicate the use of a lost or stolen laptop for ordinary users (not professionals).


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