How to remove file metadata?

How to remove file metadata?

Today we will tell You about what most people do not know or seriously think – about metadata. Is information about the file (does not appear in the file). Metadata can transform a digital document in a source of very useful information for criminals.

The process of gathering metadata from documents, organization-specific, can be automated with the help of such programs as the company ElevenPaths FOCA (Fingerprinting Organizations with Collected Archives). The program FOCA can find and download formats documents (eg .docx and .pdf), to perform their metadata and find lots of information about the organization, such as what software is on the server side is used, what are the names of the users, etc.

In this place it should be recalled that the analysis of the sites using such tools, even for research, can be recognized as the owner of the website as a cyber attack.

What is EXIF or metadata?

EXIF is a standard that is responsible for adding additional information to the graphic file. Distinguish directly the EXIF, which stores technical information (manufacturer, camera model, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, image resolution, focal length, etc.) and IPTC metadata associated with authorship (title, keywords, description, etc.).

To view the EXIF you can use any software that works with images. The easiest way is using the built-in tools in OS.

As the swhy remove metadata?

Many users wonder whether it is possible to remove the metadata? After all, to preserve the anonymity of, for example, when transferring any files, placing them on the forum or in the blog, but anywhere, it is important to remove the metadata. In particular, this applies to photos and videos as metadata, anyone can see where, when and by whom was the picture.

How to clean the metadata files: photo, video.

The easiest way to change or remove the metadata of photos using the properties menu:

  • Click the right mouse button and select “Properties”;
  • Select the tab “Details”, then you can edit metadata, or delete them by clicking the link “Remove properties and personal information” and selecting the desired items.

But this method is absolutely not functional, so how to remove metadata from a large number of files so no one will. In addition, it is not always possible to remove the metadata in the file properties.

How to remove the metadata of a photo in Photoshop.

To remove metadata from a photo in Photoshop, use the following:

  • Open photo;
  • In the menu “File” click “Save for Web”;
  • When you save to set “do Not show” under “Metadata“;

How to remove metadata photo utility Meta Stripper and Show Exif.

To remove the metadata of photos quickly and easily, using the functional utility Meta Stripper.

You can also use the program to view, modify, or metadata cleanup Show Exif.

Both programs are good because they have comprehensible interface and allow you to remove metadata from all photos in a folder, which is convenient when working with large amount of data.

How to remove the metadata of photos and videos online.

There are services to quickly remove the metadata of photos or videos online without quality loss, and one such service is IMGonline.

To remove the metadata of photos online using this service, you must:

  • Click on “Choose file“;
  • Select the desired file from your computer;
  • Click “OK”.

Then click “Download the processed image is” without metadata, as shown in the screenshot below.

Remove metadata from PDF

Here, it would seem, the trivial task — to remove metadata from a document. A thousand times professionals paranoia information security gave this kind of advice: “be sure to remove any excess meta-information from documents before publication”. And explained why it may be needed.

The Ultimate decision as usual came from the world of *nix and community supporters IN the free and open source software. It’s a bunch of tools ExifTool, QPDF and Xpdfeach of which are also available under Windows. Because the licenses of these tools do not prohibit them to freely distribute, without changes, you will be able to download them single files (WINx64) with the script and basic instructions for use. Briefly, You unpack the archive, put be cleaned in a pdf file in the resulting folder, and then drag it to DEMETA.bat. The script will work and your file will be pristine.

Remove metadata from Office files

Microsoft offers a free tool Document Inspector for removing “personal or sensitive information” before sharing the Office file. The Microsoft support site provides specific information on deleting metadata from Word 2013, Word 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010, Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Word 2003, Excel 2003 and PowerPoint 2003.

Windows Explorer (in Windows 10) enables you to view and delete metadata from a file in the Properties dialog box. The fastest way is to click Properties > Information > Remove Properties and Personal information > “Create a copy removing all possible properties“. The dialog “Remove Properties” in Windows Explorer allows you to create a version of your file with the “removal of all possible properties”.

Built-in Microsoft Office feature is called Document validation (in Word 2016 it is in the menu FileInformationAudit document) displays the data in the file.

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