How to remove internal stains from the liquid display Iphone or Android?

Even if you have cellular turned on, the process of destruction has already begun. Sooner or later this phone will work intermittently, and one day not turn on at all. It is therefore necessary to contact the service center, where they will spend to repair your phone after water!

The most harmless when the phone is dropped in water, it continues to work, but the screen remains stains from water. It seems to be okay, but it looks unpleasant, especially on a light background. The solution to this situation — only the replacement of the display on the phone. Even after the water dries, the traces of it still remain, and remove them from your old screen, as the display contains multiple layers of film that diffuses the light and take them apart without damaging unrealistic.

This statement you will find on any site on repair of gadgets, or that way you will meet master repair technicians in your city. But we found a way to get rid of internal spots and stains display and now all show.



Instructions for the drying apparatus

To resolve this problem, it is recommended to follow this instructions:

  • Pull out the battery and put it aside . If it is already oxidized, will have to buy new, because the old can not be restored.
  • To get the SIM card and memory card, disconnect the accessories.
  • To remove all panels, gently shake the gadget, trying to shake out the accumulated water.
  • Take a paper towel and carefully wipe the device.
  • Leave the phone in the tissues for some time, preferably for two days so that the moisture is completely evaporated.
  • After two days you can try to plug it in. If this fails, you should take it to the service.

Worst case, when trapped in your water oxidizes the radioactive elements and brings them down. The degree of oxidation depends on the time the phone stays in water, the amount of ingested fluid from being pulled or just a battery from recessed phone or after some time. If, after the liquid gets into the phone immediately not to take measures, then it will be approximately the same as with the phone on the right. The items are oxidized, the salt can corrode parts of the phone, and Utomlennye phone becomes unfit for repair.

Back up smartphone display after water

First parse the entire smartphone and get rid of all the water droplets and clean all the contacts cleaning all liquid contact components on the motherboard.

The display must also attempt to dry from the excess water. If water or liquid got inside the screen, below we show all the stages of drying experience.

Drying of the Iphone display from moisture:

As shown in the photo below, we have stains inside the display that cloth won’t clean

Here is what we did in order to remove these stains.

Need to get a conventional heater (if you do not have such) or take a regular hair dryer that you dry your hair. After positioning the display module so that when the warm water flowed by gravity to one of the corners of the screen, like the photos below.

The temperature of the heater to expose the minimum, so as not to overheat the display and finally did not break. In this case, the heater has no dial to show the exact temperature, but the photo below is shown an example of exactly how exposed we are.

The total of all the performed operations, we have received here is such a result.

The photo above shows some white spots, but smaller, after some time under the air flow of the heater these spots are gone

The result is obvious. It happened to restore the display module from us. Perhaps in your case this method is useless, this is each one individually. Always should be prepared for the fact that you can just overheat the display and then it is no recover. But try this version is.

What not to do in case of ingress of water in smartphone

We considered one solution that really will help to restore proper functioning “wet” mobile device. But there are actions that could further aggravate the situation.

Here’s what not to do when a cell phone was in the water:

  • strictly prohibited immediately after the ingress of liquid to connect the smartphone to the mains, because you have to wait 1-2 days to all elements of the device are thoroughly dried
  • do not try to immediately switch on the gadget, otherwise the water can easily “destroy” the chip
  • do not use a smartphone, once again moving it, and trying to purge that no liquid penetrates further inside the device

It is understood that these methods and tips are not a panacea for all ills related to the influence of water on the mobile phone. All manipulations are made solely at your own risk that must be taken into consideration. In some cases, the smartphone can still stop working, or refuse any particular component.


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