How to reset BIOS password on laptops master password

The BIOS allows you to obtain full access to your hardware and configure the settings as you like. The meaning of password, of course, but what if the password set on the BIOS of the laptop for some reason is forgotten by the user or lost forever. How to generate a master BIOS password and reset all settings to Default in our article.

Locked BIOS

The removal or reset password BIOS laptop in the service centers of St. Petersburg is in the area 2 000 rubles. More precisely, the range of prices for this procedure vary from 1 500 to 4 500 rubles. It all depends on the manufacturer and specific model of laptop because the password reset on BIOS (BIOS) in the laptop can be quite a complicated procedure even for experienced and advanced service engineer due to the technological features of the specific model of laptop. And mass budget models, almost all of today’s known manufacturers of notebook computers (ACER, ASUS, TOSHIBA, SAMSUNG, HP etc.), used simple method for storing passwords on an input in BIOS and to boot the operating system. To throw off the password in BIOS in these laptops frequently, you can just remove and then insert back the CMOS battery.



Master passwords

When a laptop is locked with password, a checksum of that password is stored in a so-called FlashROM-this is a chip on the motherboard of the device which also contains the BIOS code and other settings, e.g. memory timings.

For most brands, this checksum is displayed after entering an invalid password for the third time:

The message “system disabled” — it’s just scare tactics: when you remove all power from the laptop and restart it, it will work the same as before. From such a checksum (also called “hash”), valid passwords can be found by brute force.

The bypass mechanisms of other vendors work by showing the user number from which to obtain the master password. This password is typically a sequence of numbers that is randomly generated.

Some vendors resort to storing the password in plain text in flash memory, and instead only print the checksum displays the encrypted version of the password.

Other suppliers just get the master password from the serial number. In any case, my scripts can be used to obtain valid passwords.

Some vendors have implemented obfuscation measures to hide the hash from the end user — for instance, some FSI laptops require you to enter three special password to display the hash (for example, “3hqgo3 jqw534 0qww294e”,” enable master password”).

How to use generator master-BIOS passwords?

  1. In a field enter the Code numbers which are displayed on the laptop screen after three incorrect password.
  2. Then click “Get password BIOS”. The result should be like the picture below.

This generator master-BIOS password allows you to:

  • To reset password BIOS laptop Acer;
  • To recover the BIOS password of laptops HP-Compaq HP MINI;
  • To recover the BIOS password MSI notebook;
  • To reset password BIOS Dell laptops;
  • To restore the BIOS password on laptops Fujitsu-Siemens;
  • Recover password BIOS laptop Sony;
  • To recover the BIOS password of laptops Samsung.

The principle of operation of the generator master-password

Master password laptops running on Phoenix BIOS is generated by the serial model number of a particular manufacturer.

How to test the script?

To verify that the script copy this combination in the field “Code”: 39854365.

The script must return a response in the form of the master password for notebook Fujitsu-Siemens: 06211328.

Attention! In order for the form to generate the master password to work correctly you must disable the ad blocker and script .

Link to generator master-password

And you can see the generator source code in a GitHub repository

Code source ‘Password generator for BIOS:

How to remove a BIOS password using software

There is a special tool – CMOSPWDthat will help to reset the password from within Windows. This works, of course, if you have access to the system, you remember the BIOS password but don’t want to go there to erase it. Or do not know how.

Download here. Open and then do this: press SHIFT, right click mouse, then select “To open a command window“.

Start command prompt, where you can see what commands are available in this utility. For this enter the following – cmospwd_win.exe /?.

To reset the BIOS password you need to enter the following command: cmospwd_win.exe /k

To confirm clearing the CMOS, enter the number 1 and click Enter. The program can safely be used not only in Windows but from a bootable DOS pendrive. Initially, it should be placed in the image.

Use PC CMOS Cleaner

To remove the BIOS password, there is no one utility. Now I’ll explain how to use PC CMOS Cleaner, which can easily reset the password of the CMOS BIOS, allow the settings to factory condition.

Brand of the motherboard or laptop does not matter as the program supports almost all versions of BIOS. Also has support for processors with 32x bit and 64x.


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