How to run Windows 10 from a flash drive without installation

How to run Windows 10 from a flash drive without installation

Many modern Internet users value mobility in their devices. Not every person wants to spend a lot of time installing an additional operating system on their computer and thus clog it. It is much easier to use the portable version of Windows. You don’t have to be a computer genius to understand how to run Windows 10 from a flash drive without installing it. All you have to do is allocate a minimum amount of time to create a dedicated Windows To Go drive. It will allow you to make a flash drive from which you can easily run the operating system on any compatible device.

Which flash drive should I choose?

If you want to install Windows 10 on a flash drive, you must select a drive with a memory capacity of at least 16 GB. But it is better to take the 32 GB option. Even better, it will support the USB 3.0 standard so that it will not be difficult to start the vindos from the flash drive. Using second-generation USB, you may encounter too long a wait time when writing files or running the operating system itself. As a basis, you can use the Windows 10 ISO image, available directly from the Microsoft website.

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Windows To Go

drive creation process

If you want to run Windows from a flash drive as easily as possible, it is recommended to use the program Dism++. This software can be used to prepare the drive for a specific operating system. Running images such as:

is supported.

  • WIM;
  • ESD.

But you should understand that if you use this program, the only supported system for your flash drive will be UEFI. Installation of Windows 10 on a flash drive must be performed by a special program called WinToUSB Free. It is completely free. The program will quickly determine the ISO image and allow you to easily install the system to your hard drive.

The procedure of installing the operating system to the flash drive is built in three stages. First, specify the path where the Windows 10 image is located, then select the drive you want to install on, and then specify the system partition where the files will be stored directly on the operating system. It is worth selecting the VHDX virtual drive type. In order to be able to use a flash drive without any restrictions, you should immediately expand the size of the virtual drive. For this purpose there is a separate field under the name “Virtual hard disk drive”. All you have to do is wait for the installation process to complete and you can use the operating system with ease. Running the windose without installation will be available on any computer with USB and compatibility with Windows 10.


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