How to search for user social. networks and phone number?

How to search for user social. networks and phone number?

There are three common versions: bearing i.e. determine the source of the radio signal, calculates the special equipment on base stations of cellular networks and utilizing various hidden features, supposedly specially available in every phone.

In reality the main tool of the investigator: his head and paper. And the main method does not turn the language to say “deduction” — let’s call it “search patterns” or “statistics”. And yet there is such a thing as Time.

Time is always against anonymity: something we do too in time, but something at the wrong time. And if there are logs of our Affairs with timestamps — we cannot hide. A logs in mobile communication is conducted on each byte.

How to calculate who works on the left of the SIM card?

You will not believe: on the “master” phone Your real. By carefully reading the following paragraph You will understand how easy, simple and fast. The description uses the term “inclusion” is the moment when the “anonymous” unit went online.

Situation one: You are “anonymous” cell phone, and real is close by and included. Investigators are requesting the logs of all cells in which works (worked) “anonymous” device. That’s all they’ll need, what would You calculate (not just “hot pursuit” but in a week, a month, slowly, in the chair of his office with a Cup of coffee). Doing a recursive sampling intervals on and look who else was in the cell except for “anonymous” of the device. For example, in one cell was another 1000 enabled phones. The next time you turn 500 of those that were for the first time.

The next time — 20 of those were in the first and second times. Often fails with logs three to four inclusions to find the exact pair of phones that do not leave the cell. Less inclusions requires more: in this case, you can try to break the story by numbers of sets of matches, as well as their owners. If grandma is 90 years old of which her room for 10 years and an apartment she left 5 years — that, clearly, is no longer an option. Thus, the investigators fairly quickly go into your real phone number, one call history which will reveal all the cards. Often intelligence agencies are lucky and with 2 include: quickly learn and put to rest hundreds of rooms — it is only in the number of employees. Sometimes even that on the real number out of the first and only on”anonymous”!

Additionally, Mr. Case is not on Your side: the intelligence logs which all data to and from, and You have a normal life with all the unpredictable.

Example: You surf “anonymously” on the Internet and then Get a call on your real phone. You start to speak and data traffic on the Internet falls on the time, statistically different from the time between the loading of pages. To match all calls in the cell at the exact coincidence with the failure of traffic — a matter of seconds — and Your room is discovered. May be, of course, that You just went to the toilet, but to check whether the number of “discovered” is not difficult. And if You call twice?

Situation two: You use “anonymous” cell phone, and a real turn off in advance prudently. Incredibly, You only simplified the task to the investigators. They just see who is off — it is switched off (the phone sends to the network a signal about the disconnection), and not left the network shortly before the appearance of “anonymous”. We can safely say that such a cell will be unity or even You are one. For further data you can compare who joined after disabling the “analista”. And, just punching at grandma and others. As you can see the disconnect of the present apparatus when using the “left” only degrades your anonymity.

Third situation: You leave a real phone at home on, and do go to another cell, and only there, include “anonymous”. I think a cunning plan? And here nifiga. Three factors still give out Your real camera. First worked through the same scheme as in the first situation only for one cell, but several. First one, then the next and so on until you reach the comparison honeycomb “anonymous” with the cell present.

Second and main: Your machine at home is without a master and can not answer calls. Therefore sooner or later will be missed, which can be seen in the logs. You only have to compare on which device was missed at all times “on” anonymous. As I think many of the subscribers are constantly not picking up as once in a while when You go out with anonymous? Yes no besides Your real phone!

In addition, this method helps in the overall search: investigators can very quickly ring up the numbers that remain after comparison of the logs SOT. And if the phone does not take — in suspects. Third, You can’t leave this unit anywhere — every time in different places. Most likely You have it at home. That is, in the same place on each inclusion. It is possible to build an additional sample for the filter: how many of the same devices was in the same cell. In General, it will lead to a quick, though slightly less rapid than in the previous cases, the output is a real number.

As bearing a mobile phone?

In the area of the work cell, which is the phone of the suspect, nominated by the operative group with a manual direction finder. This is not a screen with a dot, like in the movies, but a simple receiver with an arrow that shows the signal strength and antenna in the form of the letter H, the letter W, tricky tube or hyperbolic / parabolic dish (often comes with several antennas for different conditions). Information on what exactly the frequency of the currently desired apparatus from a base station.

Operas tunes to this frequency receiver, twists itself around the antenna and looks at the arrow. Where the signal is strongest — and there is. Comes into the entrance, up the stairs and measures the signal. Finds thus the desired floor, then the apartment and all, “anonymity” is finished.

So what to do? Anonymity is a myth?

Real hackers whose freedom, and, perhaps, life depends on anonymity, do not use mobile phones in everyday life. Do not use. Only a one-time calls, Skype, etc. and life “everyday” they have. Eternal darkness, oblivion. No friends, no family, no habits and favorite places. That’s what anonymity. But, in fact, the Network has a complete different life, different friends and other places. And, often, not only not worse, but better than in real life.

However, it is not “anonymity”. Do You have a name, even a nickname, but it know it is You, You have Internet friends and places where You can find online. You can even “punish”, though without a trip to Siberia. Thus it is easy to understand that not only conventional anonymity but freedom, a “crime” and “law” is not uniform, but relative to society. And “society” are different.

Search social networks

Search for names of users in more than 75 social networks. This is useful if you are conducting an investigation to identify the same user in different social networks.

And so, in order. Enter in terminal:
| git clone
| cd userrecon
| bash

Next, enter both username of the user that you want to find. Will be shown a large list of social. networks with a link to the page of the victim. If it does not exist, you will see “Not Found” next to the site. The script looks for such popular chains as:
— Facebook.
— Instagram.
— Reddit.
— YouTube.
— Twitter.
— VK.

That will give intelligence agencies the number of this phone or the web?

Yes, everything. In addition to information on who decorated the room, the investigators will see who You called. Surely among them many of those who know You personally. Will see who and how to replenish the account. Most likely there is a payment with this card through an ATM or this WebMoney-purse, etc. and the social. networks people usually spread themselves all in open access. That is, in fact, You arrived.



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