How to set proxy in the Yandex Browser?

How to set proxy in the Yandex Browser?

Many users who don’t know how to configure proxy Yandex browser, you will find on this page a lot of useful and interesting. Search engine, Yandex, together with a variety of different services, often offering the bonus of free installation browser of its own design. Because we offer a new product, which means it has its own characteristics and advantages.

Installation Yandex proxy helps protect sensitive user data to protect own computer from viruses and fraud attacks. The best solution, of course, is paid proxy for Yandex browser. In General a proxy for Yandex browser is set to simple, the procedure resembles the installation of a proxy in other browsers, but has its own peculiarities.

Proxy with English translates as “representative“that is the intermediary between the client and the server. Proxy for Yandex browser is an intermediary, the intermediary software package designed to redirect traffic. With direct access traffic is sent directly to the destination server. If you activate the proxy server, the traffic goes to the proxy server, and from it to the target hardware. Traffic in both directions goes through a proxy.

Steps configure the proxy in the Browser page.

  1. Open a web browser. In the upper right corner we find a button with 3 horizontal linesand click on it. In the drop-down list, select the item “Settings“.
  2. In the opened window, in the left menu, go to the tab “System“or use the search, you must enter a query “proxy“.
  3. In the section “Network“go to the tab settings by clicking on “The settings for the proxy server“.
  4. In opened window in section “The proxy settings manually“click on the checkbox to activate this feature and enter the address and port of the proxy server. To finish the setup, click “Save“.

This instruction is appropriate for setting a proxy server on the operating system Windows 10.

If You have another version of Windows, then after the 3rd paragraph, follow these steps:

  1. After clicking on the tab “The settings for the proxy server“you will see a list of Windows where you choose “Connection“and there you can choose “Network setup“to put consent on the “To use a proxy server for your LAN“.
  2. Selecting the button “Additionally“to enter the address and port of the proxy server. To put consent on the “The same proxy server for all…“, “OK“.

Stored proxy settings are ready.

Disable PROXY

If for any reason the need to use intermediary IP addresses has disappeared and you need to turn off PROXY, Werth to the instructions above. That is, you need to open a window with your network settings and remove the tick on use server.

VPN or Proxy

The only caveat – it is better not to use suspicious HTTP proxy to access sites with sensitive information, high probability of intercept data. Recommend to install proxies from trusted sources, or use server-type HTTPS or Socks.

If you use a VPN, it may be undesirable situation when traffic first goes to the proxy server, and then only on VPN (chain: proxy + VPN). While the best option in terms of security and anonymity is considered chain: VPN + proxy.


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