How to share Wi-Fi passwords on Android 10?

How to share Wi-Fi passwords on Android 10?

Probably every modern person faced a situation when connecting to someone else’s Wi-Fi becomes a real headache. The owners not only don’t know the password by heart, but forgot where you hid the piece of paper on which it is written. On the one hand, to hell with it, with the Internet, because the live chat is always better on the other — sometimes Network access is really needed.

Starting with Android 10, smartphones with this OS can share wifi password via QR code. All you need to do to the recipient is to open the camera app and scan a code:

1. Open “Settings”.
2. Go to “Network and Internet”.
3. Click on “Wi-Fi”.
4. Make sure that you are already connected to the network.
5. Click the cog next to the name of the network.
6. Bottom of the screen click on “QR code”.
7. Enter the password for the smartphone, if required.

It will generate a QR code that the other user needs to scan. Then a message appears that asks whether to connect to Wi-Fi.

Note: The name and location of settings may differ depending on the manufacturer of the smartphone.

But what if you don’t have this feature, or different version of Android?

In Google Play there are apps that allow you to generate a QR code, by scanning which your guests will be able to quickly connect to your network. On the device diner additional applications when it is not needed, fortunately, QR codes are now reading even a regular camera, and if on your device there is no such option — Google Play offers a lot of options. The only condition is that all of these programs to create QR require root-rights from the user.

App Wifi QR Code Creator allows you to create a unique QR code, by scanning which your roommates will be able to connect to only known mobile networks. To do this, simply open the list of connections, find the right and by clicking on it, generate a QR code.


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