How to stabilize video in Google Photo?

Google Photos is one of the most interesting apps in the stores for Android and IOS, with over 7 million users have installed it. Multi-purpose app allows you to organize your photos and videos to the gallery, with the possibility of editing.

Google Photos was launched just a few years ago, as a gallery app and cloud-storage service of multimedia content created and / or saved in the smartphone’s memory. However, in subsequent app updates have started to gradually increase the number of advanced features for more visibility among users.

Today Google Photos allows you to edit photos — crop, set the orientation changes, add different filters, adjust the brightness, contrast, add colors, create collages of photos or videos.



Stabilize video via the Google Photo

If you have a bad camera and during filming, your phone is often choppy, then with the help of the Google Photo you can stabilize the picture.

The app is at first glance not an obvious feature which makes the video smooth:
1. Start Google Photo.
2. Open the desired video.
3. Click on the screen and tap the settings icon.
4. Select “Stabilize” / “Stabilize”.

On the screen you will see a progress bar, after which you will get stable video. If you want, you can also rotate it by clicking on the appropriate button.

While it is not necessary to wait for a miracle, jerky video with sharp movements do not suddenly turn into a perfectly smooth video, as if shot on a Steadicam. But the difference in quality will feel the effect is felt. A neural network trained quickly, so one day the presence of optical stabilization in a phone already at all will not play a role. Made a video, and the software itself will make the perfect picture.

But you need to keep in mind that for different types of shooting can be very different results — including and unsatisfactory.


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