How to turn the operating system into a viral one.

How to turn the operating system into a viral one.

Consider moving the physical operating system to the virtual one (P2V i.e. personal to virtual). Reasons for the migration may be due to desire: – to test new software in order not to spoil the existing OS; – to move to a virtual site; – to use the configured system on another computer; – to save the installed operating system during hardware replacement. The variant under consideration will be suitable both for Windows and Linux operating systems.

For implementation, from the official VMware website you need to download the program vCenter Converter which allows you to transfer one of the specified operating systems to the VMware virtual machine format.

You can also use the program Disk2vhd, its distinguishing feature is the ability to create a virtual image exclusively for Windows family systems.

What concerns the process of creating an image using vCenter Converter, I suppose there should be no particular difficulties.

In the program you need to choose Convert macshine-This local machine at the next step you need to specify the path where the image and the format of the virtual machine version will be saved.

The next step is to select which drives to virtualize. (This is mainly the disk on which the operating system itself is installed, plus the bootable disk, the rest if desired). This is followed by the process of creating a virtual image of the system.


Then the created image of the system remains to run with VMware Player. By selecting an image file, go to Open a Virtual Machine.

It is possible to make additional settings on the use of RAM resources, processor, etc. As a result, if everything has been done correctly, the operating system should be started.


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