How to turn your iPhone into a spy gadget?

To find out what happens in the room without you sometimes not just interesting, but necessary. Of course, you can use sophisticated spy technology or just leave it on the recorder. But what if you have no bugs, and information is needed quickly, in other words, the recorder is not the solution.

For this task we need an IPhone and headphones AirPods. It is through them that we will listen. You activate on the Apple feature Hearing (instructions below) and then put it near the sound source (the phone can be something to cover slightly so that it is not visible) and listen to what they say, using AirPods.


1. Go to “Settings“selected “Control“;
2. Add “Hearing“;
3. Now in control panel, click on the appeared icon with the ear;
4. Included Livelistening.

Ready! Plug-in your headphones and move it within range (about 10 meters).

How to turn your iPhone into a spy camera

As an iPhone owner, you have several options for configuring remote viewing. Presence by People Power is an app for office automation that offers free connectivity to another iOS device for viewing, but no recording or other advanced technology. Free version of the app allows you to view live coverage of the surveillance area and send alerts when something is happening nearby.

If you are looking for another alternative, refer to the AtHome Camera from Circlely Networks Incorporated and its accompanying app AtHome Video Streamer. When used together, the pair enables you to monitor an area of your choice where ever you are, provided that you have a Wi-Fi or cellular.

Is it possible to remotely control iPhone or iPad?

  • Download our free app TeamViewer QuickSupport (link) to the device to which you want to connect.
  • Download the program TeamViewer (link) on the device from which you want to connect.
  • Add a shortcut “Record screen” in a control Point (unless it was previously added) on your iPhone or iPad with installed TeamViewer QuickSupport for this: go to Settings → control → Configure ale. management and click on the green button next to the option “Record screen”.
  • Run the app itself TeamViewer QuickSupport. There you will see the ID for the connection.
  • Enter it on the device you want to connect.

  • Confirm the connection by pressing the button “Allow” in the popup window.
  • Reopen “Control point”, force click (or press and hold) the button “Record screen” to display the window with the settings.
  • Select TeamViewer is in the menu and press “Start broadcasting”.
  • Click Distribution of screen on the device you will be viewing.

  • Stream images from one device to another will start in a few seconds.

With OwnSpy you can remotely activate the microphone and camera iPhone

If you suspect that someone is using your iPhone in your absence, or just want to remotely access the device, you should pay attention to OwnSpy.

Thanks to OwnSpy you will be able to remotely control your mobile device. The program allows you to record calls, view photos, deleted messages SMS or WhatsApp, and even remotely activate the microphone on the iPhone. If your smartphone was stolen, you will be able to access the camera and take a picture of the attacker.

Installing on device spy app you get remote access not only to the location of the user (in this approach, your criminal rather can be called a victim), but perfect calls, running applications, history of web surfing. Through OwnSpy, however, is impossible to brush my own tracks, but you always can psychologically affect a burglar.

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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