How to use smartphone as webcam?

The holders of the gadgets don’t even realize how functional a device they possess. To communicate in video chats and record videos from the computer, not necessarily to buy an expensive webcam. You can use your Android smartphone (front and back camera) as a wireless webcam, with DroidCam on Android and DroidCam Client on Windows 10. It works with the most popular apps for video calls in Windows (except for Skype from the Microsoft Store).

App DroidCam Wireless Webcam

Download app DroidCam Wireless Webcam in Google Play — it is completely free. You also need to install the DroidCam software on your computer or laptop. Software for phone and PC in the works: the app turns the device into a web camera, a computer program is handling the video.

And now, in order:



1. Install DroidCam for Android and DroidCam Client for Windows.
2. Make sure the phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.
3. Open the DroidCam Android application and grant it permission to access your camera and microphone.
4. After reading the guide you will see the main screen of the app which contains information about connecting to Wi-Fi.
5. On your computer, open the DroidCam Client.
6. Press Wi-Fi button to begin the connection process.
7. Enter the IP address of the device from the Android app DroidCam.
8. Can enable the option “Audio” to use your phone’s microphone.
9. Click “Start”.

Camera Android smartphone now is used as a web camera. You can see the picture right in the app DroidCam on Android. In the screenshot the camera focused on a PC monitor.

Alternative app for Android devices

What apps can I use on Android? We picked up some current and reliable options:

DroidCam X installed on a smartphone or tablet (you need to download and install the same name client for Windows). Transmits sound and picture supports connection via cable or Wi-Fi. Provides IP access to the camera.

IP Webcam – dedicated application for the organization of video surveillance via smartphone. To use smartphone as a webcam you need to install on the PC IP Camera Adapter. To watch the video stream through the browser or player VLC.

EpocCam – automatic pairing of devices (installing software on the gadget and PC), simple functions with no frills.

If the computer is on Mac and Ubuntu

Mac users can also use iOS or Android as a regular webcam. Download the app and the client EpocCam for both platforms. To connect the iOS gadget to a Mac you can also use iCam.

And what about users of Ubuntu and other Linux systems? For such is the only solution on the basis of Droidcam. Download the Linux version of Droidcam and install using special commands.


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