In Chrome to block third-party cookies in Incognito mode

The incognito modes in the first place created in order to block out traces of online activity on your computer and not in The Internet. What you use incognito modedoesn’t mean that your Internet service provider and sites such as Google, Facebook and Amazoncannot track your browsing activity.

This is especially true if you visit any of these sites in browser after are the window mode incognito companies can still see everything you do.

So remember that if you are logged on to the web site, regardless of whether you’re using incognito mode or even VPN, the owners of the website can see exactly what you are doing.

Those who understand these limitations incognito modeusually use browser extensions to block sending more information in technomania. Normally, it “switches cookie and ad blockers. The problem is that many web sites rely on the same technology to work correctly — again, this is especially true for websites that need to log into your account, such as banks, social networking sites and stores.

The main cookies are created by websites you visit, but at the same time are stored and third-party cookies. They are stored in other websites that post your content (banners or image).

There are two types of cookies:
Cookies create sites with a URL that is specified in the browser address bar.
Third-party cookies stored other sites that host your content (e.g., advertisements or images) on your web pages.

Why the need for cookies

The cookies stores information about the websites you visit to make it easier and more convenient to work online. Cookies:

  • the login is performed automatically;
  • the sites are saved on your settings;
  • you can see more useful content based on your location.

All anything, but these files can reduce the level of your security.

What would the new version of Chrome to disable cookies for websites in Incognito mode you need to:

1. Open Chrome and go to web address: chrome://flags/#improved-cookie-controls
2. Adjust the set value of the “Enabled
3. Restart Chrome and go into incognito mode.

Ready. Now Chrome will automatically block third-party cookies on websites. But if you want to allow some sites to store cookies, you can do it clicking on the eye in the address bar.

Usually sites that require scripts and cookies will show you a notification that you need to make them white list if you want to use the site properly. This action returns you the functionality, but you lose privacy, because these sites again will place tracking cookies on your computer.


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