Increase the speed of data transfer for USB storage devices in Windows 7, 8.1, 10

Increase the speed of data transfer for USB storage devices in Windows 7, 8.1, 10

In Windows operating system starting with version windows7, there is a hotfix available that allows you to change the maximum data transfer size for USB storage devices with 64 KB to 2 MB, and slightly increase the speed of the media. About how to take advantage of this opportunity are described.

We need to start the registry editor (regedit.exe through the dialog box “Run” or search “start menu”) to open this section:


And then create another partition with the name VVVVPPPP:


Then in the new tab, you must create a DWORD value called MaximumTransferLengthdouble click on it to invoke the properties parameter and specify a decimal value 2097120to apply the changes and reboot – you’re done!

Then evaluate the speed of copying data from external USB device, it should rise! I, for example, the data transfer speed between Windows 7 and USB flash drive rose more than two times (from 30.6 MB/sec to 77,1 MB/sec)

If the data transfer speed with USB device is not increased, then you are not lucky and your device simply does not support this feature. The fact that the transmission speed specified by the vendor in the information file INF

The fact is that this hotfix allows you to adjust the size of the unit only for some USB devices, if the hardware vendor provides a special INF file. The maximum block size to be transferred is determined by the USB drive in USB host controller or the USB driver (Usbport.sys). In that case, if you set the value of the block size exceeds the maximum allowed, then the exchange of information with USB the carrier may experience errors or the system may even fall in BSoD.


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