It is dangerous to install on the device to unlock with fingerprint?

The technology of fingerprint scanning has made a real splash when it introduced by Apple in 2013 at the presentation iPhone 5S. With this model started an epidemic fever. Today biometric scanner is on almost every device, from the Chinese budget devices to flagships.

To access your fingers is not too difficult

Especially if you fell asleep not at home. Just hold the phone to your finger to get access to all the data. Most often it is done to play with a friend, but, alas, not always. But if the key is in your head, nothing to worry about. It is worth noting that the same problem exists with the face detection technology — enough to bring the smartphone to the face, even a sleeping person to unlock.

Configured to lock the mobile

I’ll show you how unlock works imprint on properly configured smart. The first option is light available to all participants in extra lesson at indicriminately protection. Second — when you order a ready-protected devices.

So, the first option. Device rasplachivaetsya fingerprints on the screen, a dialog box appears voprosami if you want to unlock smart. Further, no matter what version of events you, or the one who poked your handcuffed with your finger (God forbid, of course) choose, will happen locking your smartphone and the fingerprint scanner will be disabled until the next reboot.

That is, you can only unlock with a password. It doesn’t matter if you press “OK” or “Cancel”. And it will every time, if you do not know how to bypass it. The chip is designed more for psychology. Anyway the first impulse of any click on. By the time razvlekalovka is one hundredth of a second longer than usual.

Option number two is more interesting. After unlocking by fingerprint, you can even begin to study your correspondence, but after the necessary time, if not to make known to you only the action (which is additionally protected “from accidental” fool) is also a lock with the disable scanner. Moreover, in both cases at the same time, it is possible to roll start the self-destruction of all data and encryption keys. That is, if you were forced to unlock the device, and the investigator/expert/attacker got his peepers in the guts of your secrets, two (5, 10) minutes, the smartphone in his hands turns into a brick.

How to bypass Touch ID and what I can do

Modern Touch ID protected very cool. And even the simple disabling of the fingerprint sensor in some cases it gives an unprecedented level of opposition to hacking.

However, even this system still can be fooled. For this you need to create a three-dimensional layout of the finger of right the material from which the sensor will take as skin.

And I deliberately underlined the word “modern”, because Touch ID the first generation, which are used in the iPhone 5s, you can cheat a printout of 2400 dpi or higher resolution.

In the first and in the second case, to deceive the fingerprint sensor, an attacker would have to act very quickly and accurately.

He will have only a few attempts to test the layout of the finger in one way or another. In this case, you will need to find a way to get the original to copy.

If the owner unexpectedly did not activate Find my iPhone that will also lead to the need of entering a code to unlock. In General, the darkness.

The fingerprint scanner in the smartphone: for more security or Vice versa?

Despite the recommendations of the manufacturers, it is not necessary to use a biometric scanner to log in to the payment services and banking applications. This can be unsafe. Now phone you — tomorrow he may be a thief. He will be easy to copy your fingerprints right on your phone and buy yourself something expensive for your money. To get the passwords, of course, if you know how to use them properly, is much more complicated.

This files most often choose to authorize the forefinger and thumb. It is comfortable but wrong, because in the work with the smartphone we are using them. Having been “perverted by alien influences” smartphone, the offender will be able to make a fake fingerprint for a couple of hours — good instructions abound on the web. And the prints of the thumb and index finger on the device are certainly there, and in decent condition. Therefore it is necessary to dwell on the little finger and ring finger of the left hand for righties and right hand for left-handers.

Overall, the fingerprint scanner — the invention is quite good, and smartphones more good than harm. But it is not necessary to consider it the solution to all problems — use this technology wisely and do not neglect other security measures.


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