Kali Linux: what is the default login / password?

Kali Linux is the most famous and most used Linux distribution for security testing of computer systems, networks, and web applications. It is based on Debian and comes with a huge set of applications for pentesting.

Sometimes working in Kali Linux does not work: from root user the default password login. And if you do not know what to enter to get to desktop will not work. First, faced with this situation we begin to sort through possible chords “root-root”, “kali-kali”, “root-kali”, “root-password”, “root-pass”. After graduating from brute force kali linux, we turn to the Internet search for the answer in our situation.

Login enter without the quotes “root“ password without quotes “toor“ (if not suitable for your distribution, see the article on)

What in Kali Linux default password

First, you should decide whether it is a Live version of Kali Linux installed or used on your hard disk system.

During system installation you will be prompted to create a user account — a user name and password. These credentials will be used to log into the system.

How to change your password in Kali Linux

To change your password, run the command:


enter your old password and then twice your new password.

How to change the password for another user in Kali Linux

To change the password for another user, run the following command:

sudo passwd ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЬ

What is the root password in Kali Linux

Default password root is not installed. To install it execute:

sudo passwd root

After that, you can log in as the root user.

The default password Kali Linux in VMware and ARM images

All official images, including VMware and ARM, standard credentials are:

User: kali

Password: kali

The image’s password Vagrant

On the basis of their policy:

Username: vagrant

Password: vagrant

Password Kali Linux SSH

The SSH password is exactly the same as the password from the user in the system. Ie in standard images, the user name and password kali. After you install the system or change the user password when connecting via SSH, use the password of your account in the system.

Default credentials in tools

Some of the tools included with Kali, will use their own default credentials (the other will generate a new password the first time it is used). The following tools are the default passwords:


Username: beef

Password: beef

Configuration file: /etc/beef-xss/config.yaml


User: root

Password: (empty)

For the initial configuration program and set the password of root user, run the command:



User: postgres

Password: postgres

How to change the password of PostgreSQL

sudo systemctl start postgresql.service
sudo -u postgres psql postgres

At the prompt enter the command psql:

password postgres
Введите новый пароль:


Username: admin

Password: <Генерируется во время настройки программы>

To configure the program, run the command:



In the official documentation it says:

Username: postgres

Password: postgres

Configuration file: /usr/share/metasploit-framework/config/database.yml

But when trying to connect from msfconsole with these credentials, an error occurs:

Error while running command db_connect: Failed to connect to the Postgres data service: ВАЖНО: пользователь "postgres" не прошёл проверку подлинности (Peer)

Another option errors if you do not specify a password:

Error while running command db_connect: Failed to connect to the Postgres data service: fe_sendauth: no password supplied

To fix it, you can do the following. Start the PostgreSQL service, create a new user (name user) with a password and create a database (named metasploit) on behalf of that user:

sudo systemctl start postgresql.service
sudo -u postgres createuser user -W
sudo -u postgres createdb -O user metasploit

Then (replace user the name of the user, and user_pass on the user’s password):

db_connect user:[email protected]/metasploit

The recommendations of the developers of Kali Linux

The distribution is intended for use by specialists in the field of computer security. Its developers do not recommend to use the operating system to users who:

  • Not familiar with Linux operating systems.
  • I want to use an operating system as a learning tool for exploring the possibilities of Linux.
  • Looking for the operating system General orientation: to develop, web design, games and other everyday tasks.

Not supported command “apt-add-repository”, LaunchPad and PPA. The attempt to establish Steam may cause it to fail. Tasks that are easily accomplished in a friendly for a normal user Linux distributions Kali Linux require professional knowledge and extra effort. A set of software sources is minimized. When you try to add more there is a risk of damaging the operating system. Additional services such as Bluetooth, is enabled by default in the “black list”.

Download Kali Linux

Go to the browser on the main page of distribution. Click on the link “Downloads”.

For computers with a 32-bit processor need to download the version corresponding to the bit. If the PC is not more than 10 years and at the time of purchase he did not belong among the cheapest, it is likely 64-bit. Click on the link “Torrent” next to the version of OS you are about to download and install. Download page system: https://www.kali.org/downloads/

What software supports Kali Linux

Kali Linux (like Debian, Linux Mint and Ubuntu) support the application packages DEB. Kali Linux, as well as the most user-friendly distributions, you can install VirtualBox, without abandoning the use of Windows 10, or 7 as the main operating system.

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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