Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube

Who has not heard about YouTube? I think that there is no such user who at least once have not watched the YouTube videos. Google’s video portal is full of useful buttons and hidden commands that are not immediately obvious.

To open a list of keyboard shortcuts, click on your profile photo and select “shortcuts” or click Shift + ? on the keyboard. To find the key combination for a button player, just hover over it with the mouse pointer. For example, if you place the cursor on the full screen icon, you will see that you have to press F to view the video in full screen.

Use this list of hot keys for quick navigation in YouTube and receive better control over video. By the way, if the combination doesn’t work, it means the focus is intercepted by the browser. To return the focus to the player, click it.



Hotkeys work on any operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS:

J: rewind by 10 seconds.
— “L”: forward for 10 seconds.
— “K / Space”: play, pause.
— “,”: move to the next frame in pause mode.
— “.”: move to the previous frame in pause mode.
— “Home / 0”: move to the beginning of the video.
— “End”: jump to the end of the video.
— “1-9”: the transition to 10-90% of the video.
— “M”: disable / enable sound.
— Arrow up: increase volume.
— Arrow down: volume down.
— “Shift + >”: accelerating the playback.
— “Shift + <“: slow playback.
— “Shift + ?”: viewing hot keys.

I hope these shortcuts will help you complete and convenient to use YouTube. If you still have questions, we are waiting for you in the comments. Described above hotkeys are not working only on main site and wherever there is insert video from YouTube.

Also do not forget that many modern keyboards have multimedia buttons for rewinding, fast forwarding, and pausing of media content. YouTube supports all of these multimediakeys, but the end result may vary depending on the installed browser , operating system and model of the keyboard.


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