Metadata: how to remove it from files?

Metadata: how to remove it from files?

Here’s a seemingly trivial task – to remove metadata from the document. For a thousand times already, paranoia information security gave similar recommendations: “be sure to remove redundant meta information from documents before posting“. And they explained why it might be needed.

All files on a computer have so-called metadata – a set of information about the author, file source, file comments, computer and server names where the file was created, creation time, and so on, depending on the file type. Many users are wondering if the metadata can be deleted? After all, in order to maintain anonymity, for example, when transferring any files, posting them on a forum or blog, or anywhere else, it is important to remove the metadata.

Most cameras automatically add Exif metadata to your images, which includes:

  • camera name
  • camera settings
  • date and time of shooting
  • copyright information
  • GPS coordinates (location)

If we take a test photo or file and click on Windows 10 right click, then choose “Properties»From the context menu – we will go to the settings of the photo or file. Here, in a new window with properties, just click on the “Details“. Thus, we get access to information about the file – where and when it was made, who is the author and from what device he used it.

As anonymity protection, it is very important to be able to clean this data.

How to clear file metadata: photos, videos.

The easiest way to change or remove photo metadata is through the properties menu:

  • Right-click and select “Properties”
  • We select the “Details” tab, then we can edit the metadata, or delete them by clicking on the “Delete properties and personal information” link and selecting the necessary items.

But this method is absolutely not functional, since no one will remove metadata from a large number of files. Also, it is not always possible to remove the metadata in the file properties.

How to remove photo metadata in Photoshop.

You can remove metadata from a photo in Photoshop as follows:

  • Open photo
  • In the “File” menu click “Save for Web”
  • When saving, set “Do not show” in the “Metadata” item

How to remove photo metadata with Meta Stripper and Show Exif

You can quickly and easily remove metadata from a photo using the functional Meta Stripper utility.

You can also use the program to view, modify, or clear Show Exif metadata.

Both programs are good in that they have a clear interface and allow you to delete metadata from all photos in a folder at once, which is convenient when working with a large amount of data.

How to remove metadata in windows 7

You can select all files in a folder, or in one folder, and if you right click and select “properties“In the file, go to the”Intelligence“. there is an option “Delete properties and personal information“. You can choose what to remove, some or all of the properties.

Removing EXIF ​​on Mobile (Android)

Scrambled Exif

Download from Google Play
Download from f-droid

The most simple program for the complete removal of all metadata from photos. It works very simply – at the first start, the program must be given the rights to access your storage (so that the program can overwrite your photos without metadata).

Then, you need to follow the instructions on the screen of the program – you just need to find the desired photo using any other program, and select “Share”. In the list of applications that will open, there will be Scrambled Exif – as soon as you select it, the photo will be resave, but without any meta information.

Removing EXIF ​​on mobile phone (IOS, APPLE)


Download from the App Store

If you need to view, edit or delete EXIF ​​(metadata) on photos on your iPhone or iPad, then you can use the Metapho utility, which is designed specifically for this.

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As a result:

While metadata is usually ignored, it is useful information that can help you organize your files. In addition, metadata makes it easier to find your computer, because this is the information that Windows looks for in order to quickly execute a search query. But remember, you are responsible for anonymizing the contents of the file if necessary.

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