Monochrome mode: how to make a black and white screen on Android or Iphone?

In Android there are many settings screen. The parameters of brightness, contrast, warmth, etc. But there is another additional mode of the display content on the display of the smartphone. In this mode, all displayed in black and white — and this reduces the attractiveness of the pictures and videos on social networks. And if so, then look in the phone no need. He first appeared on Samsung smartphones, but now it can be found on all modern devices.

This feature is hidden under “developers”, so if you have it not included, it’s time to do it.

How to find and enable?

Open the app “Settings”. Find the section “About phone”.

Tapa 7 times on “build Number”. There are rare exceptions when it is necessary to tap on other points (in the MIUI firmware from Xiaomi, it is necessary to press the same 7 times for the line “Version of MIUI”). Get the message “You became a developer!” — it’s done.

In the menu there is a section “For developers”. Open. If the menu is off, turn it on.

Find the subkey “Hardware-enhanced visualization” (may be called differently like “Hardware accelerated rendering”). In it choose the option “Simulate the anomaly”.

Tapan line of “Monochrome mode”. Ready.

Off mode in the same way.

Recommendations on how to translate the iPhone in black and white mode:

On the iPhone you need to go to Settings > General > accessibility > Adapt display > Filters. There, activate the item “Filters”, and in the drop down menu select “grayscale”.

In The Top 9

On Android 9 editing curtain icon has a “reading Mode” / “Reading More”, move it to a convenient location and you can easily turn on and off black and white mode.

Note: Name and location of settings may vary depending on the firmware of the device.

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