Perspectives of digital data storage

Perspectives of digital data storage

Perspectives of digital data storage

If we take for 100% all digital information stored today, then 90% of it was created in the last 2 years. Of course, ordinary users do not think about storage technologies, use cloud storage and have a very vague idea of ​​how and where all this is located.

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Catalog Company

Experts have no doubt that new approaches and methods of storing digital information are needed. Catalog Park founders and Nathaniel Rocket have come up with an innovative way to store all existing data in a wardrobe-sized storage facility.

The essence of technology

A special method is used to encode information in DNA that is artificially created – a synthetic polymer. Unlike the usual procedure, the step-by-step creation of ready-made DNA is used: special molecules are synthesized separately, as blanks for further work with them, and only then encoded information is entered into them. The efficiency exceeds all expectations. DNA storage is hundreds of thousands of times smaller than solid state drives. But there is one significant drawback, when saving data in this form, instant access to it cannot be obtained. A rather complex process of rehydrating with water is required, and then reading the data with a DNA sequencer.

Fantastic plans

It’s probably even ridiculous to imagine how information is stored in large containers with DNA. Difficult access to information makes the technology uncompetitive in comparison with Google Cloud or Yandex.Disk. But for reliable long-term preservation, it is ideal. Let’s say for personal data, for example: medical records, with all the images and studies carried out throughout life. They can be implanted under the skin, in the form of tiny granules. And when you need access to them, use it.

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