Please remove this media and press any key to reboot when installing – what to do?

Please remove this media and press any key to reboot when installing – what to do?

When installing a new version of the operating system (or after the installation is complete) on a user PC, the user may encounter the unpleasant message “Please remove this media and press any key to reboot” and not understand what to do. When pressing any of the keys on the keyboard, the message is usually duplicated without any changes. Below we will analyze the essence of the problem and describe the ways to fix it.

Please remove this media message

Perhaps remove this media and press any key to reboot” error at installation


Translation of this notice looks like “Please remove media and press any key to reboot and”.

Usually the error notification occurs in the following situations:


Error causes:Explanation:
The user installed the operating system from the external flash drive, then rebooted the PC, but forgot to remove the flash drive from the PC slot.In this case, the system will access the flash drive for booting rather than the operating system installed on the hard drive or SDD.
Installation flash drive created by user incorrectly.In particular, the installation files were copied mechanically to a flash drive, the software was used incorrectly, etc.
In the BIOS, the first media to boot is media other than the hard disk.There is a flash drive, CD (DVD) and other media installed first for download.
Wrong download option in the BIOS.In particular, “UEFI” is “Legacy”.
Data on disk is corrupted.Either on a flash drive.

Clicking on the Enter will usually copy the “Please remove this media and press any key to reboot” notice.

Copying Remove other Media
When you press a key, these notifications are usually copied

Let’s take a look at what to do if this problem occurs during installation on your PC.

Eject the device from your PC if the problem occurs

As follows from the text of the message we are considering (“Please remove this media”), the very first action should be to remove the media (usually a flash drive or cd/dvd drive) from your PC. Remove the media, then press the Enter key. After that, the system boot should start in the standard mode.

In some cases, it is recommended that you remove the media from your PC and then press the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination to reboot the system. After rebooting, the computer will start in the standard mode.


What to do to speed up device booting in BIOS

Another way to fix the resulting dysfunction with the “Please remove this media and press any key to reboot” notice is to set the boot sequence for media devices in your PC BIOS.

What to do in order to do this:

    1. Fast press the F2 key (Del) to go to BIOS when the system starts;


    1. Find the section responsible for the download in the BIOS (usually it is “Boot” or analog);


  1. In the boot sequence option, install the first HDD (Hard Disk) on which your PC operating system is installed;
    BIOS hard drive
    Set the hard disk first to boot


  2. Save the changes you have made (usually, the F10 key is used for this);
    Saving BIOS changes
    Save your changes to the BIOS


  3. Get out of the BIOS. The system will start up as normal. And the “Please remove this media and press any key to reboot” error will disappear.

The correct creation of a bootable flash drive when the error “Please remove this media”

In some cases, the reason for the “Please remove this media” message during installation is an incorrectly created user-supplied boot flash drive. What should I do in this case? We recommend using the proven tools of the “Rufus”, “Win32 Disk”, “UltraISO”, “Media Creation Tool” level and follow the correct procedure of creating an installation flash drive.

Rufus software
Use Rufus or its equivalent programs to create a bootable flash drive


Correct boot mode when installing from media

When creating a bootable flash drive, the user can choose the MBR or GPT partition partition style, which directly affects the choice of file system – FAT32 or NTFS. When using such a flash drive to install the system in the BIOS, the user may choose a wrong boot option – UEFI (usually works with GPT) or “Legacy” (usually works with MBR).

Depending on which partitioning form is selected on your flash drive, set the appropriate boot option in your BIOS (“UEFI” or “Legacy”). Otherwise, you will encounter a “Please remove this media” error on your PC.

UEFI Legacy boot mode
Select boot mode correctly


Above, we have examined in detail why the “Please remove this media and press any key to reboot” notice appears during system installation and what to do to fix it. In most cases you will simply need to remove the media (usually it is a standard flash drive) from your PC to fix the dysfunction. After that, reboot the system and the notice we reviewed will no longer bother you.


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