Process Manager in Firefox

Built-in task Manager in Mozilla Firefox allows users to track energy usage across the tabs and also review the underlying processes for each tab and, if necessary, the user can close individual tabs.
To open the task Manager in Firefox, open the settings menu by clicking on the buttonOpen menu Open menu and select More



Use the task Manager

The task Manager can display useful information about the tabs and the extensions that are currently running in Firefox. This information displays a few columns:

  • Name displays the names of the tabs and extensions that are currently running in Firefox. This column also displays the identifiers of extensions.
  • Type indicates whether display list item with Tab or Extension.
  • Power consumptionshows the computing power of the used CPU. Tasks with higher power consumption put your battery faster and can reduce the performance of your system.
  • Memory shows the amount of RAM, which is a task currently in use on your system.

Viewing subtasks

Some tabs contain additional subtasks that can be viewed in task Manager Firefox. It may be sub-frames, trackers or supporting services associated with the tab.

You can view subtasks by clicking on the arrow to the left of the task name. You can hide the subtasks by clicking on the arrow to the left of the task name.


When you hover the mouse over the element the task Manager displays more details about the performance of this tab or extension. In the right part of the task also appears in the action button.

With the button action:

  • For tasks related tabsTo close a tab.
  • For tasks associated with the addition of: Open the sites in a new tab.
Notes: Over the subtasks of the action to be edited.
The task Manager Firefox is uninformative and displays the energy consumption of open tabs and enabled extensions and plug-ins. The new Manager will give more detailed statistics about the memory consumption of a separate tab or Supplement. Looks quite fresh, though in practice, need not all.

Process Manager

Mozilla is working to integrate the process Manager in the web browser Firefox organization. Its preview is available in the latest builds of Firefox Nightly.

Navigate to “about:processes” in the address bar to open the Manager. Currently, the utility has the following sections:
— Browser.
— Socket.
— The GPU.
— Web.
— Extension.
— Privileged about.

For each record, Firefox shows the amount of consumed physical memory and virtual memory, CPU usage contexts user-space and kernel-space threads. You can expand the results to obtain extended data. For example, when you open the process web, you will get data for JavaScript operations, PaintThread or Decoding (at the moment they are only available consumption data of CPU). This detailed level of view mainly useful for developers and engineers.

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