Protection .NET applications from decompilation

Programs written at all .NET languages (such as C#, VB.NET, F#, etc.) is very easy to decompile because they are stored as MSIL code and detailed metadata that allows to almost completely restore the original code. Obfuscators or else they are called protectors, to prevent it destroying all the data can help in reverse engineering, and protecting Your code.

Protector — special software that allows You to encrypt/hide code, and impose more complex protection from decompilation and source code.

If you write a client-server application where all logic is calculated on the server and the client simply displays the result on the user’s screen, it is possible to not even try to defend such a program is silly, since the keys are stored in a database on the server and when you connect just checked the database and in the client code a little something useful can be found. In an era of rampant connectedness, such a solution has been introduced everywhere, causing a lot of dissatisfaction among users.

Serious products tied to an electronic key inserted in the PC, but indie developers these possibilities are just there, and even such decision can be emulated, although quite difficult.

Protect our own .NET app

There are a lot of protectors like: Themida, Confuser, Enigma, VMProtect .NET Reactor. And perhaps, about the Reactor and we’ll talk…

And now about the program itself

Click on Open and select our .NET file for Protecta. In Quick Settings it is desirable to include most of the functions in order to fuck full protection. In this tab until the next problem, Settings!

In principle, in Settings tab you can set additional options protect. Example: to Force Admin Privileges you can set True and the program will require administrator permissions; Though in fact, if you set all the parameters in the last paragraph, then nothing is set up.

When everything is configured, click on the button to the right Protect! Begins the process…

The app is fully working, and decode this protection will be able only a professional through some debugger.

At the end

The issue of protecting intellectual property has always stood in front of developers. Piracy and useful literally go hand in hand, creating all kinds of tools.

C# app was originally vulnerable to reversing. In this respect, they are not very far removed even from the same JS, although there is generally still evident. Obfuscation obfuscates the source code. But it is important to understand what all the obfuscators and particularly this, of obrasso additional features that allow you to define protection and strongly to remove it. However, to neglect them is not worth it.

Nevertheless, do not forget that any program can always be hacked. The question is only who need it.

You can download it via the link was found on the Internet someone crack so that we are not responsible for it. If anything, here’s a link to VirusTotal

WARNING! All links in the articles may lead to malicious sites or contain viruses. Follow them at your own risk. Those who purposely visit the article know what they are doing. Do not click on everything thoughtlessly.


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