Punched in the phone number. Who called country, City, Operator, Amazon, WhatsApp ?

Punched in the phone number. Who called country, City, Operator, Amazon, WhatsApp ?

Of course, the easiest way is to ask the person to introduce myself. However, it is not always convenient. Sometimes you want to quickly tune into the conversation before removing the tube, and sometimes you just don’t answer.

Punching a phone number in Russia and other former CIS countries may be illegal. For example, if the definition of number of deals employee of the mobile operator or Bank, which uses a protected database. Punching cell phone numbers employees of banks or operators face a real criminal sentence.

But there are completely legal ways of punching numbers. They allow you to learn a lot of information, but will not be punished even a warning from law enforcement. Almost any room can break the Internet. So much so that the owner will learn not only variety of personal information, but also to get his photo.

How to solve this non-trivial task? Is it possible to break a mobile in Russia and how to do it?

Punching in the phone number and find out the owner, why?

Its kind identifier, possessing them, you can learn the identity of the owner. But this information is not accessible to everyone, due to some laws in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, imposing a ban on the dissemination of confidential information, mobile operators. Then come to the aid of the online services probevue phone number. Why do you need such information?

1. Deceived the owner punched the phone number you want to know its location.
2. Nervous about calls from unknown numbers.
3. Don’t like telephone jokers.
4. It is urgent to know where guys are pushing the phone.

To find out who called.

Calling unfamiliar phone number? Don’t know who that is, military enlistment/work/other/spam? Make sure that the answer, you won’t regret and grind their teeth during a conversation with the person on the opposite line.

The official way. The present owner of the room can be calculated using the official statement of the mobile operator. In the statement, specify the reason for the interest. If the management consider it a convincing argument, you will give the name of the owner of the SIM card. But this process takes time.

Informal method: salons links, databases, search engines etc.

With interior communications you can calculate the interest of the owner of the room. It is sufficient to replenish the subscriber’s account by a small amount. Employee information is available about the owner of the room on the computer. Ask them to give the name to ensure the correct number is entered. Usually this method works.

Punched in the phone number via the Internet

Many users of social networks indicate the contacts on personal pages or on websites with ads, for example, Avito. It is an open information, which can be found via search engines or specially napisany search engines. One of these is a program written in Python No-BlackM

Tool for data search by phone number. Looking for all associated: Country, City, Operator, Amazon, WhatsApp and more…


The tool is designed for people caught in a hopeless situation. Which, for some unknown reasons are unable to obtain assistance from law enforcement.

This tool is updated. And soon the developers promise to add new features.

So what are the options fully

In fact, the only question is whether the game is worth the candle. And without a phone number you can find enough information about many people.


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