“Russian SIM-cards” is a new trend of cybercriminals.

“Russian SIM-cards” is a new trend of cybercriminals.

SIM cards allow the caller to spoof phone numbers to control their voice in real time by adding masking to their phone calls. That said, SIM cards themselves are not illegal.

🔻After receiving the SIM card and inserting it into the phone, the user needs to change the Access Point Name or “APN”. Essentially, entering the APN tells the user’s phone that he wants to connect to a specific phone network that he usually doesn’t recognize.

🔻According to these settings, legitimate telecom operators forward the call to the private servers of telecommunications companies, where the process of number substitution and voice manipulation takes place.

Calls go through “poor countries” where people can buy access to the telephone network cheaply. This country is not necessarily Russia, Western customers of such SIMs were simply attracted by the name “Russian SIM-card” 🤷🏼‍♀️

Many companies or individuals selling these cards do not ask the user for any identifying information other than the shipping address to which the card should be sent. All this was liked by criminals who use such sims for fraud.

However, according to specialists, “… Even if someone received a SIM card anonymously, he still uses the SIM card and, accordingly, the telephone network. They will not make you invisible …”

Source – https://t.me/black_triangle_tg/872

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