Scammers steal passwords by offering to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

Scammers steal passwords by offering to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

Cybercriminals attack Windows 7 users, using as bait the free upgrade to a more modern version of the operating system – Windows 10. In fact, the attackers are trying to steal the records of the victims.

As of October 2020, Windows 10 accounts for 57% of all installed desktop operating systems. However, more striking is the number of users of the already seriously outdated Windows 7.

Cybercriminals, on the contrary, like this situation. They use two current topics at once (obsolescence of Windows 7 and free upgrade to Windows 10) to mislead users. Inattentive users caught in the act of cheating are first directed to an authentic Microsoft web page that confirms the status of an outdated Windows 7.

Only then are the victims redirected to the Outlook login fake page. All the credentials entered there fall into the hands of the cybercriminals. As noted by experts, home Windows 7 users are also at risk.


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