Scientist “hacked” satellite spending only $ 300

Scientist “hacked” satellite spending only $ 300

Scientist “hacked” satellite spending only $ 300

It is no secret that hackers are able to hack into computers — but few have thought about what information can be stolen before it gets on your PC. For example, during transmission between the user device and the satellite. A researcher from Oxford University has proved that it’s easier than you think — and the hacker does not even have to spend a lot of money on special equipment.

Scientist “hacked” satellite spending only $ 300, image # 1

It would seem, to hack the satellite is difficult and practically impossible. In fact, as it turned out, it is sufficient to define its location in the orbit, adjust the antenna and run a free software to record data — the cost of a set of “plates” and the receiver will be about $300. The fact that much of the information from the satellite is sent unencrypted — protection of traffic reduces the speed of the connection. This took advantage of a Ph. D. Oxford University James Pavur reported about the possibility of traffic interception at the Black Hat 2020.

In the experiment, the scientist managed to get a variety of “personal Affairs”: the IDs of the ships, information about the firing on the shore the crews, as well as personal data of the captain of the yacht, Wi-Fi users in aircraft and clients of the law firm.

“It does not need a lot of skills. At a higher level will require more equipment costs but attackers only need to find some sensitive information or password. To obtain valuable data even by using existing tools,” says Pawar.

The researcher stressed it has no plans to share this information or to disclose more details about the method of hacking. According to him, the necessary large-scale changes in the whole system of satellite Internet. Until then everyone needs to worry about protecting their data until developed a global solution to the problem.

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