Search by articles in telegraph

Search by articles in telegraph

This utility will allow you to find the article in telegraph and in his mirror. This is a python script so that it can be used not only in Termux. To start with, let’s look at an important feature of how a link to an article is formed in a telegraph, if the title of the article consists of just @#*”:;!?, etc., it will not be visible in the link. If the title of an article that you are looking for is made up of symbols, use the date search no longer like that.

And so.

Update, rock git and python:

pkg update -y &pkg upgrade -y
pkg install git python -y
git clone
cd Telegrapher

To update:

git pull

To run, we enter the command

python by-name


Help” request

Or search by date

python by-date


The results will also be saved as a file in mm-dd.txt format.


The script in Russian, no extra explanation is needed.

It’s important! You can write requests in Russian, but all other letters except Cyrillic need to be written in transcription. To find out how this or that letter will be on the transcription, create an article with this name in the telegraph. hopefully it will come in handy!


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