Search person online by his nickname

Search person online by his nickname

Today we will touch on the topic of people search. Chase the stranger is the last things to think and do. However, if You don’t know how to find a person by a particular ID, then as You learn what others can find about You? Username (the nickname of a man) — a kind of fingerprint (thumbprint). Not to say that it is unique for everyone and it often happens that the same name belongs to many people (for example, as the simple name given by the person at birth), however the search by user name can be very effective as a man in search of photos.

For starters, let’s see what nick, and as his chosen people.

What is a nick?

Nick is the name (alias) on the Internet: we choose it, creating your personal mailbox, and then often use and in various services.

We are in no way limited the choice of nickname, but is the favorite algorithms of the formation of our Internet aliases:

  • Games your name: surname, name + surname, name + age, name + date, initials.
  • Games with names favorite characters (tovbender, napoleon).
  • A little bit about yourself: profession, psychology (besthacker, murmur).
  • Demonstration of Hobbies: footballer, boxer.
  • “Nobody realized”: the word on the contrary, the Russian word in the English layout, the word in Latin, etc.

And don’t forget! Often users use a nickname in the email address. May help in finding a man.

Search by nick in search engine

As if that was not trite and simple, the first thing you should start your search by username — search engine. No matter how little You have information about a person, because the search system is incredibly powerful tools. With this, You can calmly find a person by telephone number online, and can and photos.

To find a person by their nickname over the Internet is enough to choose any search engine:

  • Google;
  • Yandex;
  • Yahoo;
  • Bing;
  • DuckDuckGo;
  • Rambler;
  • Mail;
  • Kaz, etc.

At the same time, experienced “detectives” know that it is better to choose a few, because different search engines have different algorithms and, therefore, give different results.

How does it work?

Everything is very simple. Follow the link on the website and in the search bar enter the desired nickname. Then click on search and wait a few seconds.

Search engines — this is a great opportunity to find people in any setting, however, we will not stop there and move to alternatives to more specialized services.

To define a person by nick

Let’s start with the service NameChk. This website allows you to search nickname in social networks and other large sites, such as Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Ebay, Paypal, Steam, etc. the Service will scan all the available sites and displays links to all accounts that use the nickname. In General, this free service is not bad copes with its task, but is more focused on foreign audiences.

On the website you can find a person by nick on:

  • social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Myspace, Okcupid, Couchsurfing, Orkut, LiveJournal, DeviantArt, Pof, Ask, Badoo);
  • websites and blogs (Blogger, Reddit, WordPress, About Me, Medium, Fanpop, Instructables, Mix, Flipboard, Wikipedia, Soup, Houzz, Buzzfeed, Tripadvisor, Hubpages, Scribd, Canva, Wikia, tagged, Colourlovers, Newgrounds, Quora);
  • financial projects (Ebay, Yelp, Etsy, Paypal, Fiverr, Contently, Venmo, Gumroad);
  • messenger (Slack, Disqus, Kik, Telegram);
  • IT projects (Github, Basecamp, Producthunt, Foursquare, Bitbucket, Keybase, Coderwall, Angel list, Codecademy, Gravatar, Pastebin, Ifttt, Codementor, Ycombinator, Reverbnation, Kano, Patreon);
  • photo and video-hosting sites (Flickr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Behance, Photobucket, Slideshare, Dribbble, Imgur, Trakt, 500px, Designspiration, Eyeem);
  • music services (Pandora, Soundcloud, Last fm, Blip, Ello, Spotify, Bandcamp);
  • gaming platforms (Steam, Kongregate, Roblox);
  • mobile applications (Cash App, Tripit, Tracky, Trip);
  • streaming services (Stream me, Smashcast, Younow, Mixcloud).

The process of finding a person by nickname is quite simple — go to the site and at the top in the search string, specify the user name. A few seconds later get the result

The following services Pipl. The website is able to search people by nickname, name and surname. Along with searching by nick you can also search by location. Very simple in structure and easy for perception. To search for the person enough to go to the site to specify one of these options and click search.

For developers, the service offers an API with easy to understand instructions. There are both free and paid option. Service finds us with various profiles and websites, which mentioned the ID.

Do not neglect the information

Remember that any information, data, and information is the key to a new phase of the search. If any managed to find new parameters for username — fix them, because they may come in handy in the future.

All information in this article is free and is in the public domain. All data received should only be used in good context and in no way should not bring harm to anyone. Do not forget that knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility.

And don’t forget to add the article to bookmarks. Someday you will need these services even if you are not engaged in detective work, competitive intelligence and information security.

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