Secure downloading of torrents. How to use torrents legally?

Secure downloading of torrents. How to use torrents legally?

Torrents work on P2P technology, when the Central server or repository is not available, all network members have the same rights and can download files with tens (or hundreds) of other computers.

With the growing popularity of broadband Internet, speed, upload and download files torrents also rapidly began to gain momentum. On the other hand, torrents are often associated with piracy and illegal content. Internet service providers and copyright owners are trying to track IP addresses and prosecute the users of torrents for illegal content distribution.

If you want to use sites with torrents (or trackers), but worried about their safety, this article is for you.


Torrent legal or illegal? The BitTorrent Protocol itself is not illegal or unsafe. It’s just a means to exchange files of any type, and there are plenty of legal torrent services.

However, sharing and downloading copyrighted material using BitTorrent or other means, is an illegal process in many countries. Torrent trackers are special sites where you can download torrent files. Some of them have open access, i.e. anyone can upload any information, and those hands are not checked. So some torrents can contain malware.

Storing installation files may be too costly, and to save on the services for storing files and application developers, open source can use torrents to distribute its products. Accordingly, if you download the software open source, in this case torrents are completely legal.

However, the majority of the content transferred via torrents is pirated. In many countries, the distribution of such content is illegal, because it violates copyright. Thus, by itself, P2P technology does not violate any laws, but downloading illegal content from the tracker breaks.

One of the reasons why copyright owners succeed when you sue the users of trackers, lies in the principles of BitTorrent technology. Downloading files from torrents is happening in small portions from other people called seeders. Already downloaded part of the file becomes immediately available for download by other network members. I mean, technically you are downloading and at the same time make available already loaded.

Copyright owners are not particularly concerned about users uploading content, but care about the users, allowing to download files from your computer. If using trackers, you become the hoster of uploaded files and as a result, you can pencil the rightful owners of this content.

For the ISP and the copyright holder is not difficult to detect users ‘ trackers, because this technology uses certain ports and protocols, and the traffic can be easily detected with the help of appropriate signs.

To make downloading content easier and faster, users torrents do available download from your IP address. If you do not hide your IP address and are using a normal Internet connection, your ISP can see the files which you upload and distribute. If the provider detects that you are using torrents, and your IP address to access the copyright protected content, it may inform the copyright owner or to contact you directly. In the end, you can be fined or even file a claim in court.

Your activity can see not only the provider. The organizations themselves or the fighters for copyrights on behalf of companies, can also connect to the trackers to monitor the activity. In addition, anyone who knows your IP address, can use the website IKnowWhatYouDownload to view files that you have downloaded and distributed with your IP address.

In simple words: the torrent itself is legal, but downloading unauthorized copyrighted material is illegal process.

Use legal torrents

The first tip that should be learned – to be safe you should only download legal content. For example, it’s pretty risky to download movies recently released on Blu-ray or DVD.

If you do not want problems with the law, only use legal torrents. There are many different legal content. For example, movies are produced in small studios, outdated content, open source applications are often available for free. Below are a few good sites where you can find legal torrents:

Use a torrent client where there is a function to ensure privacy

In addition to uTorrent there are other torrent clients with specific options and functions. Some clients are sharpened to privacy and security and can encrypt your torrents and masking traffic. On the other hand, these features may not be enough and need additional protection.

Use proxy

To increase the level of anonymity you can configure a proxy server through which with the help of the tunnel is subsequently redirected all traffic related to torrents. In this case your real IP address will be replaced by another. In addition, you should verify that your IP address safely hidden. For example, with service What sMyIPto make sure there are no leaks real IP address while downloading torrents.


Today it is believed that a VPN (Virtual Private Network; Virtual private network) is the most reliable tool for the safe use of torrents. VPN masks connect to sites with torrents and hides your real IP address. In addition, encrypts all traffic outgoing from your computer and sent through the secondary server. Thus, the provider cannot know which sites you visit and what content you are downloading.

Please note that not every VPN is good for torrents. For example, some services of this kind don’t really care about your safety and retain all information, including your real IP address. Some free VPN does not encrypt P2P traffic, and, in fact, are useless from the point of view of security. Before selecting read user reviews and choose a reliable service that has proved itself from the best side while using torrents.

Use the trackers with a good reputation

Legal issues is not the only problem that you may encounter while using torrents. For example, inside content downloaded from torrents may be the malware, and after you download and run the installation file on your computer will be the virus.

To minimize these risks, it is better to use trackers with a good reputation. In addition, before downloading it is useful to review the comments to the description of the torrent, where an active user or administrator is often informed about any issues relating to specific files and recommend ways to resolve these problems.


The Russian authorities are now actively block hundreds of torrent trackers. But this does not prevent them to remain popular services for sharing files. There is a difference between visiting blocked websites, downloading torrents and a storage device of the pirated content. The latter can be regarded as a violation of the law.

According To Art. 1270 of the civil code: “the product record on the electronic carrier, including record in a computer memory, also is considered reproduction.”

In other words, even if you just downloaded a pirated file, for example, hacked, Doom, the Eternal, to have a little trial run — this is regarded as a violation of the law. No matter what order you did it. The important fact storage.

Visit or download torrent files from blocked sources is not a violation. Authorities can block the tracker, but can’t force users to be responsible for his visit. In the same way, storing pirated content and easy download a torrent file — is a completely different operation, and the second not punished in any way.

On the same locked resources contain many legal torrent files, which are sometimes impossible to find anywhere else.

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