Security: validates site certificates from online savings

Security of financial transactions is a key concern as users of Internet banking, and companies who offer their customers the ability to remotely access their accounts. According to the rating agencies, “Sberbank Online“is the first place for security among online banking other Russian credit organizations. It would seem, nothing to worry about. But, unfortunately, the careless actions of the user is able to make a dent in any security system.

Often, scammers can fake the page: apparently it will look like a Bank, but in fact through the form of entering a username and password is stealing your data. If your site is running over an unencrypted connection, browsers mark it as unsafe. If he also collects user data, then block access to it.

SSLcertificate (Secure Sockets Layer – the secure sockets) is a special Protocol for encoding data that is transmitted between the user and the server. Sberbank also has such a certificate on the website. And his accuracy is very important for conducting secure payments and other services.



How still it to verify the authenticity?

1. The home page of the personal account of the savings Bank at the time of writing of this publication:

2. To open a personal account Bank best using a private browser tab. So much more reliable.

3. Make sure that the domain name in the address bar ends with: and see if there’s clasp:

4. Next, click on the padlock and see the certificate:

5. Look to whom the certificate is issued:

And this means that we can find on this website savings Online. Here we can enter your data: username and password without any fear. (don’t save password in browser, it is very unsafe!).

If no lock, or no data on the certificate, it is not necessary to enter at this site. Because the website address can be easily spoofed by changing the hosts file, but the certificate counterfeiting very difficult.

How does the SSL certificate for the web site?

The server uses a special key, which secures data encryption. In the future, these coded data are transmitted to the user. A custom browser with a unique key generates the decoding information received. Accordingly, the key for decryption are only two parties: the user browser and the server. Even if attackers intercept data, decode them without knowing the key would be virtually impossible.

The details of using Sberbank Online

It is not recommended to log in from the same device, which receives the confirming SMS with one-time passwords.

Do not install on mobile phones application questionable manufacturers. Before you download the program, which will give you access to Sberbank Onlinemake sure that its Creator is Sberbank of Russia. It is best to download the required apps directly from the official website of the Bank


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