Simple and useful features for the computer

Simple and useful features for the computer

Almost everyone now has a computer or laptop. Even the young children they already have. It would seem, the twenty-first century and all know how to use a computer. But not all know how to do it efficiently. Most of the users remained on the level of knowledge received in higher educational institutions. As a result, the computer for the majority of office staff is a slow and laborious process.

The main purpose of PC is to provide effective and convenient solutions. In this problem the PC works fine, but only on the condition that the OS and all the required apps are installed, the operating system interface is configured for optimal execution of tasks, the user properly uses modern software, and the system is fast, stable and reliable work.

In our next article, we will show some cool chips that will help to expedite work at your computer.

Google Chrome

1. To open the built in Chrome task Manager you need to click Shift+Esc. Very good for hovering Chrome.

2. To open multiple tabs in a new window you have to press Ctrl + click on a link or you want to open.

3. To scroll the page horizontally click Shift + Scroll.

Blind set

After examining the blind set, you will not only be faster but will forget about a situation when from-for not switched the pickup had to collect all the text again.

To learn blind set is easy, and the Network offers an incredible number of services and programs for learning. To learn blind set on or

For any browser

1. For quick access to the browser address bar or press F6 Ctrl+L .

2. To reset page zoom to 100% after changing press Ctrl + 0 (zero on the keypad).

3. To make text selection on the page, click on the starting position on the page after press and hold Shift + click on the endpoint.

4. If you want to compare any products or goods, just type in the search engine “the name of a product” VS “in the name of another product” (without the quotes).

Chips for Windows

1. In order to make it easier to watch for changes to the parameters of the processes in task Manager it is possible to “freeze”. You need to run the task Manager at the right time and hold down Ctrl.

2. To delete a single word in the editor and press the key combination Ctrl + Backspace.

3. To paste the copied text into the document without losing the formatting step Ctrl+Shift+V.

4. To rename from a group of files in one folder then you must select the file and press F2. After that assign a name to the first file and the rest will be automatically added a prefix like “Filename(1) Filename(2) etc.).

5. In most applications the combination of Windows Ctrl+Z — undo last action Ctrl+Y — repeat actions.

6. In the calculator Windows 7 menu View. In this mode it is possible to make a lot of different calculations. The calculator in Windows 10 offers a lot more different calculations.

7. To share with friends or the familiar settings of your Wi-Fi you can generate a QR code with all settings. Then you can print it.

For YouTube

To search for videos from specific user: enter @ before starting the search.

Search information on the Internet

As incredible as it sounds, but not all know how to look for information on the Internet. Stick to the simple rules and you’ll be guaranteed to find what you’re looking for:

1. Enter the queries correctly. Search engines can’t always guess the correct words.

2. Use the words interchangeably. This will increase the chances of finding an exact match.

3. For example and use key words. For example, if You searched for “how to know where to buy office equipment in Kharkov” and not found what you need, try looking for “to buy office equipment in Kharkiv”.

4. Use the query language:

  • Exclude and include words using the “+” and “-” . For example, you want to find information about elephants, but do not want the search engine has given information about Indian elephants. Then enter a query like +an elephant from India.
  • Alternatives to request – “|”. For example, entering the query “how to write|buy an article,” the search engine will give information and how to write, and how to buy.
  • Put before the word “ sign!” and you exclude from the search words. But if You want to search for an exact phrase, put it in quotation marks. And if you combine these signs, you will get an exact match phrase for example “!how to wash an elephant.”

Microsoft Office

1. To reduce the size of Excel file: save it as .xslb


And what “chips” you use to increase performance? Share with us in comments.

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