Slide down to turn off PC with Windows 10

Windows 10 designed for desktop and mobile devices. Windows 10 UI is different between the desktop and tablet, there are several functional changes intended to make working with a tablet easier. One of the differences is that the tablet with Windows 10, has a neat slide with mute function. With a gesture by swiping across from the top down, you initiate the system shutdown, and it’s pretty good looking. If you want to use a shutdown of your PC with a gesture, even if you don’t touch the screen, here’s how you can get the function of Slide-to-Shutdown using the shortcut on the desktop.

To call this function we need to create a custom shortcut.

Right-click the mouse on the desktop and select “To create“-> “Label“. In the popup that appears paste the following line of code:




On the desktop, will appear a clickable icon that you can rename. Double-click on it and drag the window down.

If you want to have permanent access to this interesting feature, you can create a shortcut, or to attach a file slidetoshutdown.exe in the task pane.

Navigate using Explorer to the following folder:


Find the file slidetoshutdown.exe. Just Right click on it and select pin to the start screen or on the taskbar.

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