Slow Internet, weak signal. How to fix it

Slow Internet, weak signal. How to fix it

With a high probability in the house all (or almost all) have Wi-Fi. This means that the load on the channel is high. Bottom line: low Internet speed and signal interruptions.

Define which channels are free and switch to one of them in the wireless router settings.


Internet or fast internet – you decide

The router is not considered an object that decorates the interior. It is placed in storage rooms, on mezzanine, near the front doors and made of metal furniture. It is not excluded that it is hidden in a weave of computer cables. Does not contribute to the quality of the signal.

The best approach is to place it in a place that is centered on all possible points where family members or office employees use devices to access the Internet. Away from working electronic devices and metal products.


Firmware and driver

Update them. If a third-party driver pack was used to install drivers and the quality of the wireless connection is not good, use the router firmware and Wi-Fi driver for your notebook, which are offered by manufacturers of equipment:

  • routers;.
  • notebook;
  • wireless desktop module.

Fresh versions of the required software can be found on the official websites of the device vendors.



Method is available with the router support of external antennas. Models with significant gain are available.

Other one router

Preferred device modes:

    • router;
    • repeater (also called a repeater);
    • access point.

In 2020 devices are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, the solution with a weak signal is to use an additional in repeat mode or access point.


New router. What to pay attention to when buying

You need to support two ranges: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. I have written above about the desirability of using a free channel. It is very likely that most of the devices in the house run at 2.4 GHz.

When supported by second range equipment, the choice of free channels will be wider. Prerequisite: frequency support by devices accessing the wireless network. If it is provided only in the router, it is not enough. Remember that the Internet may be absent even if the router works perfectly. Before doing anything to the router, make sure that the reason is there.

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