Social engineering techniques in casinos

Social engineering techniques in casinos

For some reason, most people do not wear watches. Casinos know about it and don’t try to help them show punctuality. It is known that when a person is passionate about something, time flows faster for him. There are more passionate people in casinos than anywhere else. Whether it’s slots, games against casinos or poker, most players who chase their dreams are in a trance-like state.

The absence of clocks on the walls of the casino helps players finally forget about the outside world. Don’t rely on the help of dealers – they’re also forbidden to wear a watch.

They change each other day and night inconspicuously, they forget the daily routine… Most casino visitors are on vacation and are happy to break their tired schedule. Only some casinos, in particular British casinos, have laws that require players to inform about the time spent in the walls of the institution and recommend them to take breaks during the game.

Lack of windows

In most casinos the windows only appear at the entrance and exit, but when you get inside and find yourself in the stomach of a whale, nothing like a window will appear there. The principle of operation of this method is the same as for the ban on the watch. When you find yourself in the casino, the outside world must completely dissolve, forget, and go into the background. Your biological clock will unwittingly react to the change of light outside the window by suggesting a change of activity (for example, go to bed). But this will distract you from the world of entertainment and excitement, so it is not profitable for the casino. And of course, you shouldn’t see anything outside the window that might interest you.

If you’ve been to the Strip in Las Vegas, you know how colorful and inviting casino buildings look.

So when you’re inside one of them, you shouldn’t be distracted by others!

Light, sound and action

The casino meets you with a cacophony of sounds of all kinds of nature. Jerky bells, siren howls, falling trifles, slot rattles, electronic signals from machines, rotating roulette balls – all this attracts.

Why? Because on a non-verbal level you hear the call: “Winning! Winning!” And it seems to you that everybody around wins, although in fact most of the visitors leave in the negative.

However, even when the player loses, the machine behind which he sits, continues to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow and attract attention with funny chimes. All this encourages you to get involved in action as soon as possible. How can you lose when all the people around you are so happy and the interior items are smooth, shiny and literally hypnotizing?

No matter what bets you play at, the pretentiousness and extravagance of the environment immediately makes the right impression.

Coherent atmosphere

Did you notice that the light in the casino is always soft and muted? It is done to inspire you that you are at home, among friends, resting on your favorite sofa and are not going anywhere… Bright light irritates the eyes, softer light allows the player to get comfortable, lean back and enjoy the game in safety and comfort.

Pay attention to the rugs. They are also selected by no accident. Tastelessly bright patterns, curls, strange lines and spots have a hypnotic effect on the brain and soothe the eye. The walls are usually in red tones, which, according to research, inspires a sense of security.

Music played in casinos is usually as soft and relaxing as in large shopping malls, and should help players enter into a much desired trance.

Particular attention is paid to cleanliness in casinos. There should be no dirt, garbage or anything untidy around you. Someone constantly sweeps, cleans the empty dishes, wipes the dust… Players feel this truly maternal care and strive to stay in such a pleasant place for a long time.

If you want to use the restroom, have a snack or cash out the chips, you will have to go deep into the casino. Usually, the objects you are looking for are located as far from the exit as possible.

On the way back, you’ll have to take a tour of the entire casino, enjoy its splendor once again, and – who knows – maybe change your mind about leaving!
You cashed your winnings and leave the casino as a winner – so try to develop your success, play again before returning to your room! There are also stores that provoke visitors to spontaneous purchases on the way to the casino.

In large hotels the casinos are located deep in the building. The only way to get there is to drive through several escalators, walk down stairs, etc. This way, you are gently held on the hotel grounds.

Close of winning

Nothing increases the concentration of adrenaline in the blood as the proximity of winning. (Of course, except for the actual winnings.) It is clear that if the casinos paid money to those who almost won, they would instantly go bankrupt. But why not pay people with their own adrenaline?

That’s why all anti casino games and slot machines are set up in such a way as to create the illusion of close winnings.

The slot lover constantly wins small amounts, and to the huge jackpot regularly missing only one cherry or star… The blackjack lover regularly collects twenty one and always receives congratulations from the dealer – and does not notice how gradually his bankroll melts…

Other games, such as keno or craps, give the player a false sense of control. It seems that he can have a direct impact on the result by throwing the dice himself or choosing numbers for the keno.

But this is, of course, a psychological trap, the purpose of which is to convince the player that success depends on his actions, and make him play as long as possible.
Because of the tempting proximity of victory players overestimate their chances of winning and almost guaranteed to return to play again.


Free or very cheap services – another feature of the casino, helping to fight for the client. Players receive coupons for free lunch, various shows, lottery tickets, participating in the drawing of additional prizes (often on other days to force the client to return). This makes them feel in the spotlight, even if they don’t play at high stakes or lose sensitive amounts.

A little free after losing – and it seems that you have not wasted your time and money, and you want to come back again.

This is very important for the casinos, because they are fed by a lot of people playing small. Such players bring much more than the ludoman-hayrollers.

But the free offer is, of course, not a thanks to loyal customers. All is calculated, and any discount pays off many times. Casinos behave like cunning parents who buy a cheap toy convenient for them to their child’s behavior.


Partly refers to the previous paragraph, but undoubtedly deserves a separate mention, as it is the most effective manifestation of free. Free booze works on many levels. First of all, for free! For free and vinegar sweet, unless, of course, you are sewn up. Girls, carrying cocktails, flocks are carried around the casino, and on their trays there are drinks for all tastes. Alcohol helps the players to keep cheerful and cheerful.

It also provokes the players to play carelessly. The person who acts according to the basic strategy (which allows you to lose blackjack to a minimum), under the influence of alcohol relaxes and stops making optimal decisions. The player also begins to treat money more easily, throwing chips to the right and left, as if they were of little value.

Winning takes second place: for many, it’s enough just to play a fun game while sipping free alcoholic beverages…

Honor and Glory to Winners

Not only do casinos need the “middle class”, they also want to keep those who can play at high stakes. Players who manage to make a big score get a truly royal welcome. They just get an offer that cannot be refused – you can start with a luxurious and completely free room…

Of course, the longer the hiroller stays in the casino, the more money he will leave in his coffers. Living expenses and other bonuses will pay off many times when the player returns to the casino.

Customer is pleased to be accepted as a king, but this is actually the way his wallet is accepted. In addition, the casinos receive additional advertising when their bonuses are known to other high rollers. Therefore, gambling houses create entire services, whose task is to please the VIP-clients…

Casino as a labyrinth

All casinos are designed as a labyrinth in which it is easy to get lost. Numerous machines and gaming tables create natural barriers in your way, carefully blocking the way to retreat.

There is no logic in their arrangement: one group of slot machines stands next to you, the other exactly the same – in two hundred feet. There are no clear guidelines in space. You seem to remember that the exit was next to the slot machines with video poker, but that’s what?

They try to avoid direct ways. There are a lot of turns, narrow passages and quiet, secluded corners waiting for you. It seems to people that if they go somewhere, they can always turn around and go back without problems. But in a gambling house, this method will not work. On the way back you – due to the peculiarities of casino design – will walk through a completely unfamiliar area, and it will surely confuse you.
And high slot machines, which form the local landscape in any casino, reduce the view literally to several meters. Low ceilings of most modern gaming establishments also do not contribute to a confident orientation in space.

Here and on a sober head you will not always know where to go, and for those who did not refuse free drinks, the search for a way out of the casino turns into a fascinating adventure with an unpredictable outcome.


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