Some useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Some useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

In Windows there is a whole set of keyboard shortcuts that perform the same tasks, and some mouse clicks, but the time when working at the computer they can save you. Most often you press certain combination of keys on the keyboard is much faster than performing a lot of actions which we usually do with the help of mouse clicks.

In this article we have prepared for you a shortcuts that you must know every Windows user 10. So, fingers on the keyboard and went…

Ctrl + Shift + click (double click) left mouse button (LKM) – run application as administrator.

Win + Pause/Breack – quick access to such a component of the control Panel as “System”.

Ctrl + Shift + N – pressing this combination on the desktop or in any folder creates a new folder. In the Chrome browser is a fast open a new tab in “Incognito”mode.

Win + Ctrl + Shift + B – quick restart video driver and update the connection with the monitor.

Win + Ctrl + D create a new virtual desktop by switching to it (Win + Tab – switch between virtual desktops).

Shift + left click the application icon in The taskbar – run another instance of the application. This key combination, you can run several Windows of the same application.

Win + down arrow — minimize the active window. Or if the window was previously taped to one of the edges, it will occupy quarter of the screen at the bottom.

Win + D — show and hide desktop.

Win + Shift + M — restore the minimized Windows.

Win + Shift + left arrow (or right) — move window to another monitor.

Win + 0…9 — start the taskbar application icon is fixed to a position corresponding to the digit.

Alt + up arrow to go up one level.

Alt + left arrow — view the previous folder.

Alt + right arrow — view the next folder.

Win + A — open the “support Center”.

Win + S — open the search window.

Win + H to call the panel “Share.”

Win + I — open the window “Settings”.

Win + PrtScr — take a screenshot and save it in the folder with the images.

Win + Alt + PrtScr — make a screen shot of the game.

Win + G — open game panel for the entry of the passage.

Win + Alt + G — record the last 30 seconds in the active window.

Win + Alt + R — start or stop recording.


Be sure to try all of these Windows keyboard shortcuts. I certainly hope that this information will be useful to You and will be really nice. Of course, all these shortcuts are impossible to remember. But in order to learn the desired hot keys and click them automatically to perform a particular action, it is enough to issue the necessary combination and pin in front of the eyes.


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