SonicWall VPN Portal Critical Flaw (CVE-2020-5135)

SonicWall VPN Portal Critical Flaw (CVE-2020-5135)

Tripwire VERT has identified a stack-based buffer overflow in SonicWall Network Security Appliance (NSA). The flaw can be triggered by an unauthenticated HTTP request involving a custom protocol handler. The vulnerability exists within the HTTP/HTTPS service used for product management as well as SSL VPN remote access.

Exposure and Impact

An unskilled attacker can use this flaw to cause a persistent denial of service condition. Tripwire VERT has also confirmed the ability to divert execution flow through stack corruption indicating that a code execution exploit is likely feasible. This flaw exists pre-authentication and within a component (SSLVPN) which is typically exposed to the public Internet. As of the date of discovery, a Shodan search for the affected HTTP server banner indicated 795,357 hosts.

SonicWall has indicated that the following versions are vulnerable:

  • SonicOS and earlier
  • SonicOS and earlier
  • SonicOS and earlier
  • SonicOSv and earlier
  • SonicOS

Remediation & Mitigation

SonicWall has released updates to remediate this flaw. SSL VPN portals may be disconnected from the Internet as a temporary mitigation before the patch is applied.

SonicWall has indicated that the following versions include a fix for this issue:

  • SonicOS
  • SonicOS
  • SonicOS
  • SonicOS 6.5.4.v-21s-987
  • Gen 7 and onwards


Tripwire IP360 starting with ASPL-909 contains remote heuristic detection of the vulnerable service.

More information about detecting possible attacks will be shared as needed after more system owners have had an opportunity to patch.


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