Switch from Windows to Linux

Switch from Windows to Linux

How to make a transition from one operating system to another. Given the fact that most users prefer the product from microsoft. Microsoft is famous for being almost the first to create an operating system with a graphical interface.

But all products of this giant have their own price, and sometimes a lot. And not every user will allow himself to buy all the products at once. That’s why there are so many cheap pirated versions on the market, both the operating system itself and other products of the company.

And here the question arises, or maybe eventually switch to another operating system. It is either Mac OS or Linux. Mac OS will also be a significant price to pay, so closer to the second option. Now the main question is how to switch to another system if you are so used to the native Microsoft.

The first thing to do is to clearly decide if it is worth it and what will be lost during the transition. Weigh all the pros and cons. And then already begin to act. And if you do decide to use Linux then the following tips will help you.

First you should try to install the programs that are used in Linux. They are open office, thunderbird, GIMP, Firefox. Once you have used them for at least two or three days you will already be able to draw your first conclusions. You can even order yourself or download the The Open CD. It has all the programs related to the open source world. If you are satisfied with everything then you can easily get the Live CD with the Linux distribution. The Live CD has open source programs in addition to the system itself. The most important thing is that you can already use Linux without switching to it although the Live CD version is very limited.

But if you decide to fully integrate Linux into your PC then you should take care of device compatibility. And here is the good news. Many component manufacturers now allow you to use this system without installing additional installers and drivers to support them. But still, you should be careful.

It is important now to choose the right distribution. There are distributions for beginners, this is Ubuntu (Kubuntu, Xubuntu), Mandriva, SuSe. There are more for the experienced, Debian, Gentoo, Slackware, Archlinux, CRUX. But the differences are also small, all that Debian has is Ubuntu. For example, the same administration functions. Most of the distributions are absolutely free to download on the Internet since they are open source. And if somebody demands a lot of money for a free distribution, then you can safely leave without thinking. Today all distributions are freely available, including server versions. Installation today is the easiest, you don’t have to think about additional loaders like before. Linux is installed on almost all devices including latest generation laptops and netbooks. The main thing is to download the latest versions of Linux.

And last but not least the most wonderful thing about Linux is that you can use Windows programs thanks to Wine and QEMU emulators. All important commands including administration are executed at the command line, which can be very important for professional users and programmers.

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