Telegraph: what is and how to use?

Telegraph: what is and how to use?

Telegraph is a special Telegram service for creating and editing voluminous posts (longrides). The tool turned out to be very successful and after a while was literally “licked” by the developers of the social network VKontakte. Telegraph was developed especially for Telegram messenger, but you can use it in absolutely any social network or messenger. In today’s realities everything comes back to its place – Telegraph is unlocked on the territory of the Russian Federation simultaneously with Telegram.

The main reason for the development was the beautiful, fast and convenient design of long posts (longrides), as a simple set of characters was not very friendly to users. Indeed, it is difficult to read such a text, no longer any desire to do so. Telegraph became an excellent solution to this problem.

The main features of Telegraph

The service turned out to be almost an ideal tool for writing articles. It is as simple as possible, but at the same time functional.

Telegraph has in its arsenal:
`Creation of headings and subheadings;
` Bold and italic text;
`Adding quotes;
` Addition of images, videos from YouTube and Twitter;
` Adding ordered lists;
` Inserting and design of links.

This set of functions is quite enough for creation of a qualitative and volume content.

How to use Telegraph?

To start with, go to the official website at Since it is already unlocked in Russia, it can easily be done without VPN. After moving to the site, we will have a minimalistic editor, in which you can already create your post. For this you don’t even need to register in the service!

The editor is very easy to learn. Here you need to specify the title of the future article, the name of the author (your name) and the content itself. When entering the content, 2 icons will appear on the left side of the page. You can use these icons to insert code for YouTube, Vimeo or Twitter videos or upload images. To format the text, select the desired part of it and choose the action in the menu that opens. It is very simple! Once the article is ready for publication, click the “Publish” button. It’s done! You can copy the link to the post from the address bar in your browser. It looks like (article title, day and month of publication).

You can edit the article by clicking the Edit button. Telegraph remembers the author of the article using browser dolls. If the cookies are cleared, you will never be able to edit an article again. This is probably the only disadvantage of Telegraph, which was caused by the lack of registration and authorization in favor of privacy.

Features of Telegraph

The telegraph provides instant downloads of content, even if the connection is poor. According to most authors and administrators of Telegram channels, a short post with a link to the full Telegram article creates more involvement of the audience and collects more views. And yes, now you have probably guessed how the editor of the articles appeared in the “wonderful” social network VKontakte? Of course, from here…


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