Telephony services — calls on the phone without SIM card?

Perhaps you have had such a situation when you had to call the person and it all to remain completely anonymous and don’t burn your room. The use of SIM cards identificeret you with the nearest cell tower, if you use the left SIM card and call someone using the untested services for calls, it is likely you not be able to remain anonymous online and your traffic is not encrypted and there is no use of such SIM cards, the place where you are able to keep track of.

Classic telephony gives way communication over the Internet (VoIP). The availability of Internet access provides phone and video calls, all use such programs as Skype or WhatsApp, there are many others, such as WeChat, Duo Google, Facetime from Apple… But they have one common drawback: the communication is possible if at the other end running the same program (for example, Skype only in Skype).

In this regard, I want to share with you a VoIP services for calls. which all traffic passes through the TOR network or simply has a high degree of encryption on the network.

What is VoIP phone?

VoIPphones connect to the system IP telephony via a local area network (LAN) or the Internet. VoIP converts standard telephone voice signal into a digital stream that can be transmitted over the Internet. Conversely, an incoming digital stream from the Internet is converted into an analog telephone signal. A VoIP phone allows you to make calls using VoIP software on any mobile or landline phone. VoIP phones can be simple software telephone (Softphone) and a hardware device.

The virtual room can be used as a regular number for incoming and outgoing calls and also for receiving and sending SMS. It will be useful if you do not wish to reveal your main number or want to separate personal and work communication.

List of sites:

  1. TOX
  2. Linphone
  3. jitsi
  4. Ring

Software SIP phone or Softphone is a software program that uses a microphone and headphones or a headset that connect to a computer. Software SIP phone allows you to make and receive calls just like a regular desktop phone.

How to make a call without SIM card?

To receive a call, the user of IP telephony to the desired number or address to which you can call.

For this purpose you can use:

  1. The address in the app
    IP telephony or SIP address.

    For example,
  2. A virtual number.
    This is a regular phone number you can call predrasuda on IP or regular phone numbers according to specified rules.
  3. Internal short number and virtual IP PBX.
    Call on this number predrasuda on IP or regular phone numbers according to specified rules.

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