The main mistakes we make when charging the smartphone

The main mistakes we make when charging the smartphone

Almost every day we do it. We charge our smartphones, tablets and regular button calls. And almost every day millions and hundreds of millions of people do it wrong. To make sure of this, just dial “smartphone on fire”.

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1. Don’t put your smartphone under the pillow while charging at night. Many devices, especially those that support fast charging (though not only them) get very hot when connected to the charger. They need heat dissipation, so some manufacturers even recommend removing the case. And if you leave the device under the pillow, it will overheat and at best spoil, and at worst… In general, do not allow it.

2. You can’t charge your smartphone in the bathroom and read the social networks at the same time. Falling into the water can hurt not only the smartphone, but also the owner, and in the news about such cases, too, is regularly written. Be careful (smartphone is better not to take in the bathroom at all – do with a paper book).

3. You can’t charge your smartphone up to 100 percent each time. This leads to increased battery wear and premature loss of capacity – the device will simply live less from charging to charging. By the way, it is also harmful to discharge “zero”. Try to keep the charge at 45 to 85 percent, and the battery will thank you.

4. Don’t charge your smartphone with charges you’re not sure about. Go to sleepovers with friends, or go on a little trip, take your traveling battery or charger. Too high a charging current can damage your battery, which is not ready for it. It is best to use “native” chargers or devices from well-known manufacturers – Apple, Belkin, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Baseus.

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