The network has flowed 20 GB Intel confidential data: closed source code and documentation

The network has flowed 20 GB Intel confidential data: closed source code and documentation

The network has flowed 20 GB Intel confidential data: closed source code and documentation

In the hands of the hackers was a huge amount of classified information, including information about unannounced processors

IT consultant from Switzerland, till Kottmann (Till Kottmann) shared files with 20 GB of sensitive information Intel. As stated by Kottmann, these data were obtained from an anonymous source and currently published only a small part of the confidential information. IT consultant promised to upload even more data soon.

The network has flowed 20 GB Intel confidential data: source and closed documentation, image # 1

Intel has announced that it has launched an investigation into. According to experts, a data breach has occurred through the resource Center and design company that hosts NDA documentation for partners. Contrary to this claim, an anonymous source Kottmann stated that the information was obtained through an unsecured server.

In the published archive I found the following data:

instructions for Intel Management Engine, as well as tools and examples for the firmware;
the source code for the BIOS platform Kaby Lake and the initialization code;
source code Intel CEFDK;
the source code of the firmware of the processors;
various internal tools for development and debugging;
tools to simulate Rocket Lake S and possibly other platforms;
the “road map” and other documents, telling about the plans of the company;
binary code cameras drivers created by Intel for SpaceX;
the schema, documentation, tools and firmware for unreleased platforms Tiger Lake;
video tutorials on the platform Kaby Lake;
Intel Trace Hub, the files to decode some versions of Intel Management Engine;
the data on the platform, Elkhart Lake and an exemplary code;
information about Intel Xeon processors;
Assembly BIOS/TXE for debugging on different platforms;
Bootguard SDK;
files for simulation Intel Snowridge / Snowfish Process;
different schemes;
templates for marketing materials of the company.
In the process of studying the information Kottmann came across the mention of the word “backdoor” in the comments in the code. But it is quite possible that this is just the internal name of the error search process in memory.

According to an IT consultant, he is not afraid of the lawsuit from the Corporation, moreover, he expects that published data will allow users to explore the capabilities and potential threats.

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