The Network published the data of 40 million users Wishbone

The Network published the data of 40 million users Wishbone

The Network is available for free download database of 40 million users of the popular mobile app Wishbone. The database was published on one of the hacker forums, where it used to be sold for 0.85 and bitcoins (about $8 million).

The Network published the data of 40 million users Wishbone, image # 1

The database contains user names, email addresses, phone numbers, place of residence (city/state/country) and password hashes. According to its published user passwords encrypted using SHA1, but, as shown by its analysis, some passwords are encrypted using the weak MD5 algorithm, and you can get them using the available online free tools. In addition, the databases contained references on his profile, including minors, whose Wishbone is very popular.

As said the user data was received as a result of the hacking that occurred earlier this year. Last check and inputs dated January 2020, which confirms this fact. The responsibility for the leakage assumed somebody Shayne Hunters (Shiny Hunters), in early may also said about the kidnapping of 500 GB of data from a GitHub repository, Microsoft.

Published database the user is the so-called date-broker – blackhat, speculating on the resale of stolen data (one of these date brokers recently was arrested The security service of Ukraine). Currently, this user is selling a database of dozens of companies, in total containing more than 1.5 billion records.

A large part of the database contains data leaked as the result of known break-ins of yesteryear. In 2017, the company Wishbone already exposed the cyber attack, but now published evidence that there is no time.


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