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What determines our working mood? Let’s leave aside the weather, relationships with superiors and well-being. Attitude to work depends on what we constantly see in front of you, in the case of the computer — on the screen. So, a good picture on the desktop is really important. This is more than a fad and a distraction: it’s true working condition and even inspiration.

Not coincidentally, Microsoft Windows selects for these spectacular headpieces, and in the latest versions of the system even loads them on your computer from the cloud and conduct a survey, do you like one or the other picture!

However, let’s say you have your own pictures that you want to see in front of you. Is it possible to decorate your desktop? Can. Consider the question of how to put a photo on the Desk that this is necessary and how to implement it.

Before you put a photo on a desktop, it’s worth checking whether some rules:

  1. The picture should be in a readable format. JPG, JPEG or BMP will fit guaranteed. But WEBP from Google or HEIF from Apple on Desk will not put: no support format at the system level.
  2. The resolution should match the monitor resolution. Of course, it is theoretically possible to take a picture size of 640*480, filmed on your Nokia in the early 2000s, and stretch it to Full HD. But it will look frankly ugly. And if you take a picture in 4K and put it as the background under the old monitor, it will be too efficiently: the monitor still will not be able to show all its splendour.
  3. Subjective, of course, but the picture should not be too colorful. Its background must be clearly visible labels and captions. Although if you run all applications through the start menu or the panel of Total Commander, you can afford a Desk as clean frames.

And, of course, the content: if the table desktop computer, you will have something challenging or unpleasant to colleagues, nothing good is for you is not over. So I advise you to confine neutral landscapes, cats or cars.

Installation pictures

Modern versions of Windows allow multiple solutions how to put the picture on the Desk. Consider the most simple: via the context menu.

So, you open a picture that you like. No matter whether you do this through the standard Gallery using free image Manager type FastStone or commercial, like ACDSee. Yes, even if you open it in Internet browser or Explorer!

  1. Locate the image you want to show on the desktop
  2. Open the folder in Explorer
  3. Click the right mouse button
  4. Select “Make background image desktop”

Voila! Your favorite picture is already on the desktop.

desktop background

Of course, you can do it in other ways. For example, through the desktop itself. What you need:

  1. Click the right mouse button on an empty area of the desktop
  2. Select “Personalization”
  3. In the section “Background” to select “Photo”
  4. Choose photo. If there are no pictures that you like, click on the “Browse” button and open the folder the photo you want to see.
  5. Under “Select position”, choose the option of filling desktop, which photo looks optimal. We recommend the option “Stretch”: the picture will occupy your entire desktop, even if the actual resolution is less. But before you put the photos on the desktop, crop it so that its proportions match the proportions of the screen (in most cases it’s 4:3 or 16:9). We recommend doing this in the editor FastStone Picture Viewer as described below.

How to prepare a picture for your desktop

Before you put a photo on a desktop, it has to be prepared so that it was not stretched, but its aspect ratio is distorted. For this we recommend to use the free software FastStone Image Viewer gallery, which includes a simple image editor.

With its help it is easy enough to crop the picture into the required format. Previously find out the resolution and aspect ratio of your monitor.

  1. Open the image in FastStone full-screen mode
  2. Get the cursor over the left side of the screen to open the edit menu
  3. Select “Crop”
  4. In the opened window, under the image menu, “the Scale of paper” to select the desired aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9
  5. Select the size of the area in the picture. The proportions will be saved automatically
  6. In the lower right corner, select “Crop to file, lossless”
  7. Select the folder where you store images for your desktop, and click “Save”

The original file will remain intact. You will get a picture for the desktop, which will perfectly fit into the size without distortion or black bars around the edges.

Try to capture maybe more from the original file. Then the image on the desktop will look blurry due to insufficient permissions.

More than one picture

Modern versions of Windows allow you to install to the desktop not even a change of image and to adjust the frequency of picture change. It does not need any special knowledge. All you need to do is prepare pictures you’d like to see, and put them all in one folder. Remember its whereabouts. After that:

  1. Right-click on an empty area of the desktop
  2. Select the menu item “Personalization”
  3. In the section “Background” to select “Slide show”
  4. Click on the “Browse” button under “Selection of albums for slide show”
  5. Select the desired folder

Returning back to the personalization menu, you can configure advanced settings for the pictures. So, you can choose the frequency of change of pictures every minute, every ten minutes, every half hour and so on. The order can be random or alphabetical. To add to the list of new images, you just need to copy them to the selected folder.


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